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Message started by Freddy on 26.12.2006 at 22:47:32

Title: How to download a mansion.
Post by Freddy on 26.12.2006 at 22:47:32
Open the topic with the subject "Downloads".

There appears a long alphabetical list of all completed custom mansions. Click on the name of a mansion you are interested in. You will be linked to an other page of the boards. On that page you will find some (technical) information about that mansion AND the zip-file you may download.

It is the purpose that these pages in future also get the more general information of the mansions: story, approximative number of rooms, difficulty-degree, ...

The checksums are a tool to verify if the downloading went perfectly.

When you download your mansion(s), expand them in the Finder, and then drag the expanded *mansion* itself into the Custom Mansions folder of your game. Make sure that it is the mansion file yourself you are dragging. If it is in a subfolder inside of the Custom Mansions folder, you won't be able to open saved or suspended games in your custom mansion.

IMPORTANT: To play the custom mansion, start up the game, click Start Game, and then click the Open Mansion button in the lower-right corner. (Instead of pushing Easy/Normal/Hard for the difficulty setting.) Now select the mansion you want to play, and you're off!

Note that some pople have reported that download with Safari works better than with e.g. FireFox.

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