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Message started by Freddy on 28.12.2006 at 22:58:56

Title: Appendix to mansionnames on the map
Post by Freddy on 28.12.2006 at 22:58:56
With the start of these new boards I tried to create a system to make clear to all custom mansion players, about which edition of a mansion one is playing.

Since the name itself of a (custom) mansion may NEVER change, for saved gamefiles-reasons, I thought that giving an extension to the name shown on the map was the easiest way.

The idea was good. That means: I still think so. But for reasons of space AND style, I am going to change the appendixes. (Thx to Wingy and Brell for the style-remarks!) Each mansion will get something like 5.3. The first cypher being the version and the second one the update.

Put into practice, the first cypher for all current mansions will be 1, except for Volcanis (Low) that gets 2 and Catacombs that will have 3. Those mentioned mansions got serious enlargements and aren't version 1 any more.

The second character will always be 0, except for the few mansions that recently got one or more updates. That is why Midnight Mazes and Monsters gets 1.2 (first version & second update) and Back to Square One 1.3 (first version & third update).

Updates will always be mentioned on the downloads-list with the date of release.

I will also announce the changes of the individual appendixes. But in these cases there is NO REASON AT ALL to download them again!

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