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Message started by Freddy on 17.01.2007 at 16:09:08

Title: Best to avoid hints in 3 of the corners
Post by Freddy on 17.01.2007 at 16:09:08
Dear designers. More and more players are using COMMAND+D as a standard during play. That it is pretty logic, because in the first place, one sees in the right lower corner how many secrets has been found so far. Above that, the roomnumbers in the upper left corner are a big help for a good conversation on the boards.

The consequence of the yellow "stuff" in three of the room-corners, is that playing-hints from the mansion-designers may be covered. I wanted to put everyone's (builders AND players) attention upon that.

Before making this post, I asked Vern if it was possible to change these in an easy way. Sadly, it isn't. It seems to be a major work to move these things out of the playing-window. So it is best that the designers, in the first place, take care.

Title: Re: Best to avoid hints in 3 of the corners
Post by aquaMat on 17.01.2007 at 16:39:49
Freddy, this is just MHO, but I do NOT think designers should "encourage" players playing with commd-D on all the time, by not putting any hints or valuable information in the corners of the room.

For 2 reasons:

1. I do not really consider it "good" practice to keepl playing MM with cmd-D on ALL the time. It's a bit like cheating....., and takes away some of the surprise factors.... (just a bit, really).

2. For the designers this would just limit their creativity. If I want to have a certain room design, because it feels interesting and well-laid out, I don't want to be limited in my decisions by having to take into account that some players might have cmd-D on.

That's just how I see it, anyway. :)

Title: Re: Best to avoid hints in 3 of the corners
Post by VernJensen on 19.01.2007 at 13:32:55
Yeah, Command-D is easy to hit, so I recommend using it only briefly, when you want to keep track of a room number so you can post about it online, then hit Command-D again to turn it off.

Title: Re: Best to avoid hints in 3 of the corners
Post by Freddy on 19.01.2007 at 18:04:39
In three of the four corners, yellow cyphers appear when using COMMAND+D. The information in both upper corners are indeed unneeded for PLAYING Midnight Mansion. The frames-per-second at the right are for the designers and the roomnumbers are only important for the builders and neat conversation on the boards, in posts etc.

The right lower corner is different. In my opinion it contains very important playing information. If we should organize a poll with the question why players are playing with COMMAND+D on, I am pretty sure that the final result would be: knowing how many secrets they have during play. Two things about that.

1 In most cases it is the smallest "cover". Unless you are playing MMaM. ;)

2 Vern, IF possible, move this item to the brown top-bar where it is always in view. From earlier information you send me, I understood that it is a major work. If so, I am thinking about an alternative. Is it possible to split the three corners? Something like: COMMAND+R for the roomnumbers, COMMAND+F for the frames per second and COMMAND+S for the secrets?

Title: Re: Best to avoid hints in 3 of the corners
Post by VernJensen on 20.01.2007 at 05:19:07
Viewing the # of secrets found so far was always only intended to be a debugging thing for designers of mansions, and for me as a programmer. I consider it more like cheating if you rely on it during the game. But that's just my opinion.

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