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Message started by Freddy on 22.01.2007 at 15:42:46

Title: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by Freddy on 22.01.2007 at 15:42:46
Designer frost made an update of this mansion. And delivered an accompanying text for the downloadpage! It is NOW available for downloading. I assume that frost will tell something on the boards about this update.

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by aquaMat on 22.01.2007 at 20:20:10
I gotta tell you that I'm an absolute über-fan of Foggy Forest Mansion.
I really love the way it is designed, with so much care to detail.

How good to see it being updated !!

Are there significant changes ?  More rooms ??? :D

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by frost on 23.01.2007 at 17:41:48
thanks for your compliment. It's really appreciated  :)

There are no significant changes. Just fixed some Jack-stucks and platforms that could cause cheap deaths which Freddy and Wingy had discovered a while ago.

Two things might be important to mention:
I deleted one secret room and build another one instead.
The old one caused Jack to die and there was no mony to earn. Now both is fixed. I'm not going to tell which secret room is gone and where the new one is at, since it's a secret  ;)

I also build some walls in the "Zoo" to indicate that there is no need to try to go pass the money bags.
If one still wants to give it a try - go ahead  ;D

I hope I haven't forgotten anything.
The update was done the day the old forum went down. After that I had some data loss on my Mac and unfortunately the update was gone too. So I had to do it again. And I'm not sure if I memorized everything Freddy and Wingy had pointed out  :-/

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by zipwin on 03.10.2008 at 03:42:01
I also think this is a great mansion with great graphics. A question....I see a vine and a save below and a little to the left of the zoo....is there a way to get there? Just want to know if that is possible.......


Zipwin :D

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by zipwin on 05.10.2008 at 21:42:04
Nevermind! I got it. Devilishly clever. I like having to solve problems like this better than just leaping away from killer critters.....

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by sherryl199 on 09.10.2008 at 07:21:08
FFM is wonderful - it was so much fun to play again. Maybe all designers should send in an update once a year or so to remind players of really good mansions. Thanks, Frost.

Title: Re: Foggy Forest Mansion
Post by Freddy on 13.10.2008 at 03:22:28
Does that count for Midnight Mazes and Monsters as well? Because an update is coming for an odd but very annoying REPETITIVE mistake ... :'( :'( :'(

Reported by a unknown Icelandic MMF-member .... ;) Hmmm. Saw 'something' in the The Pirate Invation. But both issues must be out of topic ... Should call the admins! 8-) ;D

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