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Message started by Freddy on 26.01.2007 at 04:52:57

Title: Speaker's Corner
Post by Freddy on 26.01.2007 at 04:52:57
I suppose that not every MM-player has been in London yet or have read enough about London to know what Speaker's Corner is.

Like every big city, also London has large parks and one of them is Hyde Park. At one of the corners, I think where Oxford Street starts (not ends ---> would be backtracking), it is a tradition for many many years, that on Sunday morning people who want to say something to "the world" go there to do there thing. Like in Midnight Mansion, they often have a small ladder where they climb on, and start talking to passing pedestrians. They talk about God, gods, money, politics, ... It often has the style of preaching. But there is also poetry, acoustic music, ... A rather weird atmosphere.

And when I am there I talk about Jack and Jill Malone and their major enemy: Bugsy Malone. ;)

Title: Re: Speaker's Corner
Post by Wingy on 26.01.2007 at 05:16:48
Hey, I went there and had a picnic in Hyde Park and saw some people talking there!  :D

Title: Re: Speaker's Corner
Post by Lara on 07.02.2007 at 04:07:54
When you are from London you know Jack shi*t about Speaker's corner. Tee-hee. But I do like Hyde Park, I had a very enjoyable few hours there in the summer eating a sandwich and sitting on some stripy deck chairs.

I moving back there in July and I'm VERY excited about being able to get a train and being central London. My favourite spot in Leicester Square, I always like to walk through it every time I'm in Londres. :).


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