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Message started by dlcatftwin on 28.01.2007 at 04:59:42

Title: Back to Square One - advice
Post by dlcatftwin on 28.01.2007 at 04:59:42
Greetings all,
I am currently enjoying "Back to Square 1".
I am in room 16404 - I am standing on the right side of the stair case (or ladder well if you will) past the zapper, and no where to go. What's my next move, please?
FYI, Jack's picked up so many keys (on the "hardest" route) that he wasn't able to pick up the blue key in the prior room.
Is it needed in Rm. 16404?
Many thanks,
DLC  :-X

Title: Re: Back to Square One - advice
Post by brell on 28.01.2007 at 08:37:31
Hi!  Just jump onto the picture.

I don't understand how you managed to fill up your inventory so you couldn't get the blue key.  It is needed later.  Have you already done the easy and normal route?  What did you hav ein your inventory when you entered room #16403?

EDIT:  You ARE on the hardest route.  There is only ONE (red) key on that route before room #16403 so I don't where all your keys came from.  You should indeed have used that red key before you came to #16403 so you should be out of keys by then.

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