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Message started by Freddy on 06.02.2007 at 05:08:28

Title: Downloads sorted by designer
Post by Freddy on 06.02.2007 at 05:08:28
Below, the list of custom mansions is sorted by the designers.

Alan / Falcon

Malone Manor

Temple of the Moon


Dalton Brothers, The

One Room


Updated by Semi-Native on 16.12.2009

Goblin's Lair

Lost Jungle, The

Lost Jungle, The II
First release on 09.02.2007



Midnight Pyramid
First release on 02.01.2007

Scorpion Mansion

Skeleton Mansion

StarCraft 1 (Space Towers)
First release on 17.02.2007

StarCraft 2 (SS Alfa)
First release on 17.02.2007

StarCraft 3 (Acid Plant)
First release on 17.02.2007

Temple of Hallowe'en

Updated on 22.04.2007

Volcanis / low
Updated on 22.04.2007

Wingy's Small Mansion


Birdcage, The
Updated on 05.05.2008

Brother From Another Planet
First release on 10.08.2010

Complex, The
First release on 17.06.2009

Discotheque of Doom
Updated 28.12.2007

FACES / hard
Updated on 18.03.2009

FACES / normal
Updated on 18.03.2009

Four Tubes, The
Updated on 29.03.2008

Updated on 11.12.2010

Les Catacombes Rouges
First release 08.03.09

Mansion Family, The - A Wondrous Place
Updated on 18.03.2009

Mansion Family, The - Mind Mines
Updated on 14.03.2007

Palace of Gore
Updated on 30.11.2007

Perpetuum Mobile
First release on 08.11.2008

Small Palace of Gore
Updated on 06.12.2007

Underground Fortress
Updated on 10.11.2008

Void, The
Updated on 05.05.2008


Arevn's Mansion
First release on 01.02.2007

This Old Mansion
Updated on 24.02.2007

First release on 28.02.2008


Back to Square One
Updated on 01.11.2010

Pirate Invasion, The
Updated on 13.12.2010

Resort for Retired Goldhunters, A
Updated on 13.02.2011

Three Way Mansion


Bobcat Mansion easy
First release on 20.12.2008

Bobcat Mansion normal
First release on 20.12.2008

Cheetah Castle Easy
First release on 29.11.2009
Updated on 13.07.2010

Cheetah Castle Normal
First release on 29.11.2009
Updated on 13.07.2010

Mini Ore Mine
Updated by Anthony on 08.01.2010

Panther Mansion
First release on 28.09.2008



Deserted Holiday Village, A
Updated on 08.12.2009

House of Wonders
Updated on 23.03.2008

Landlord's Pub

Midnight Mazes and Monsters
Updated on 11.03.2007

Oline's Coffeehouse by Freddy
First release on 07.01.2010

Return of the Falcon

Room of One's Own, A

7th Key, The
Updated on 10.01.2010

Tale of One City, A
Updated on 20.08.2008

Wall, The
First release and updated twice on 16.12.2007


Foggy Forest Mansion
Updated on 28.09.2008

Jacob Vann

Monty's Mansion

joeb (Matt & Joe)

Helter Skullter
First release on 13.03.2007 and updated on 22.03.2008

HelterSkullter / easy
First release on 13.03.2007 and updated on 22.03.2008

First release on 23.02.2007

Jack Malone and the Temple of Tombs
Updated on 22.03.2008

Mall, The

Matt and Joe's Intro

Matt and Joe's Place

Money Pit, The

Mummy's Revenge
Updated on 22.03.2008

Last update on 06.01.2008


Jacques' Revenge - Part I
Updated on 10.10.2009

Jacques' Revenge - Part II
First release on 03.10.2009

Palais Pompomrouge by leo
Updated on 10.11.2008

Palais Pompomrouge easy
First release on 13.08.2009


Temple of the Gorgons
Updated on 06.12.2007


Creepy Cottage
Updated on 14.12.2007

Doldrum Dungeon

Dopplegänger Challenge

Korvak's Keep
Updated on 14.12.2007


Jack Visits His Neighbours by mapman
First release on 01.04.2010

Starter Home by mapman
First release on 11.02.2010


Questing for the Rainbow Key
First release on 25.12.2007


Bat House, The
First release on 07.03.2007

Dark Sorts
First release on 18.03.2007

Mikee's Castle
Expanded on 12.10.2008

Swiss Mansion, The / easy
First release on 27.02.2007

Swiss Mansion, The / hard
First release on 27.02.2007

Swiss Mansion, The / normal
First release on 27.02.2007

Turtle Mansion, The
Updated on 09.12.2007

Miss Lemon

Echo Keep


Testing Mansion
First release on 20.09.2007

Olle the Greatest

Updated on 04.05.2009

Midnight Castle
First release on 08.11.2008.2008

Octopus Mansion
Updated on 29.11.2010

Octopus Mansion Hard
Updated on 08.04.2009

otg Alpha Mansion
First release on 28.01.2010
Updated 01.02.2010

Tower of Power
First release on 28.09.2008


Curious Observatory, A

Doctor Tronic's Zoo
Updated on 19.02.2007

Doctor Tronic's Zoo / normal
Updated on 19.02.2007

Happy Hannukah !


First release on 27.03.2007

House of Coine
First release on 25.05.2007


Immortal Ruins
Updated on 28.12.2007


Sky boxes
Updated on 29.01.2007


First release on 05.08.2008

Updated on 03.10.2008

Journey to Sarkozyland
Updated on 13.12.2009

Paci-Freak Express
First release on 20.12.08

Warrior, The
First release on 11.01.2008


Dragon's Trap, The / hard
Updated on 10.11.2008

Dragon's Trap, The / normal
Updated on 10.11.2008

Happy Christmas Jack Malone !
Updated on 10.01.2007

Updated on 03.09.2008


Art minds mansion
First release on 24.01.2010

First release on 27.02.2010
HD version updated on 31.07.2012

Jack in spider world
First release on 03.08.2009
Updated 26.01.2010

Jack's BFF
First release on 30.08.2009

La Luna mansion
First release on 20.10.2009

Veronica's ladders.
First release on 03.08.2009

Veronika's Towers.
First release on 05.12.2009

And there are also:

Catacombs by Alan/Falcon, Psychotronic, Maniac, Freddy, Wingy, Toybox, joeb, brell, aquaMat, arevn and Semi-Native
Expanded on 10.11.2008

Knu's Infinite

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