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Message started by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 05:07:48

Title: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 05:07:48
At the "3 Lists" Dominator is there for you all.

After downloading you have a folder that contains the mansion, a sub-folder with data AND a read-me-first textfile. Well, read it first! That always helps. ;)

Because of the included data in the subfolder, keep in mind that the downloadingprocess may take a while: a few minutes.

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by samskelton on 24.02.2007 at 05:27:01
I dont' believe it. It doesn't work. There's something wrong with my MM, because the exact same message came up when I did starcraft. Unbelievible!!! There's something wrong here, and I don't know what, because it's not the game data files that are missing, I think it's something else. It says -192(res not found)  :-? I don't get it, the EXACT same thing happened with starcraft... Is there a new download of MM that I'm missing??? Could someone help me out?  :(

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 05:39:02
Sam, I send you the dmg-file for MM 1.0.7 by email. Try to install MM again.

I really hope it helps you.

Btw, since you like music, the best song ever made is playing here right now: Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. English of course. ;)

EDIT: Sorry, that doesn't work. The dmg-file is 21 MB which is too large. I will put it in the next post AFTER changing the maximum size for attachments. Keep in mind that it will take several minutes to download it!

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by samskelton on 24.02.2007 at 05:40:58
you guys over there DO have the best music ever!!!

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by ryos on 24.02.2007 at 05:52:31
Err...could he not just redownload MM from the official site? Would that be too easy?

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 06:00:19
Of course. But it was more or less a YELLOW hint.  ;) Whenever you download something, SAVE the dmg-file. That saves a lot of time to re-install applications etc. And you avoid that you suddenly need something that is NOT downloadable anymore.

Btw, is Dominator working in ...?

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by samskelton on 24.02.2007 at 06:27:59
IT WORKED!!!! thanks a bunch freddy! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 06:31:03
Do NEVER ill-treat MM again, Sam! ;)

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Wingy on 24.02.2007 at 06:54:29
That means StarCraft works! Get playing!  8-) And acculy, I think the music in the Dominator was kind of repetitive! I had to turn it off after awhile!  :(

Here's my rating for Dominator:
Graphics: 5/5
Sound: 4/5
Music: 2/5
Mansion: 4/5

The original data and all the inclued mansions I think would be 5/5!

Wait until Ted comes out after the expanion comes out! I already drew the splash and part of Ted walking, jumping and sadly, dying. It's going to be a big hit! Not as big as Dominator though... well it might be bigger, and the music might be better, and the sound, and the mansion will be ok. But me, a 13 year old teen, make something as good as a middle aged man? I don't think so. Well about the story... it's basicly of Ted starting on his island and going on his boat (Which I'll make a moving platform that looks like a boat that goes between the rooms) to mainland. Then he'll pass through town, then through the forest, then through the volcanoes, then he'll make it to Sird's Fortress. In there, Ted will find Sird, and destroy him. (Some how, I'm still thinking about it)

This will all be in the future. Anyways... back to subject... :)

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 07:10:09
Take it easy, Wingy! The first usual questions are: did you finish this mansion and how?

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by Freddy on 24.02.2007 at 07:49:45
Wingy, please make your own topic at Talk for TED. This is the board for Dominator. Thx.

Title: Re: Downloadable now!
Post by joeb on 24.02.2007 at 07:51:47
Thanks for the feedback Wingy. I agree that I could have done a better job on the music. After playing thru a few times I can see what you mean. Next rev I put out I'm going to change the ordering of the music (NO FILE CHANGES) and add some of the regular MM music back in.
As far as the mansion coming from a middle aged man I can only take credit for about 20% of the design. I did do all of the graphics but it was based on drawings from Matt. I have almost a full legal pad of his drawings for the rooms and he would often sit next to me while I was doing the graphics and be putting the rooms together. It's almost impossible to do a mansion by myself because he'll be watching and say something like "Dad, that's too easy/hard" or "that won't work like that because.....". What's scary is he's usually more right than wrong.

AND now you have a whole new set of tiles to play with. Based on what you're looking to do I'd say the firebricks and some of the red bricks and maybe the dirt backgrounds could be useful for your volcano.

Have fun and thanks again....

Matt & Joe

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