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Message started by VernJensen on 17.04.2007 at 10:29:10

Title: Doors
Post by VernJensen on 17.04.2007 at 10:29:10
Freddy has been asking me to "fix" something in the editor that I can't really fix. Instead designers must avoid it. And that is this: it is possible to place big doors directly on top of smaller doors, and the smaller doors will still be there, even though completely covered up. I know there is a door in Foggy Forest Mansion (a gray one) that has this problem, and I've heard of it also being in Catacombs. In Foggy Forest Mansion, I walked up to the gray door, ran into it while I had a key, and a *different* door I didn't see that was underneath was opened, and my key got used up.

Designers shouldn't do this. To avoid, simply *use the eraser* tool to delete any doors you want to get rid of, before placing replacement doors in their place. Don't place new sprites directly on top of old ones. It might just cover them up, and you'll not know the old ones are there.

Title: Re: Doors
Post by Freddy on 19.04.2007 at 02:09:20
Of course I was aware of that item, which is the clue in the Whisky Bar. But I had no idea that it was seen before in Foggy Forest Mansion or Catacombs.

Since I feel a little bit responsable for Catacombs, I would like to know where. Is there anyone who can tell me in which room?

@ frost: Will you have a look at your mansion?

Title: Re: Doors
Post by Wingy on 18.06.2007 at 09:04:00
So thats how you did that in Wisky Bar, I always wanted to know!

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