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Message started by Alan / Falcon on 23.01.2008 at 16:21:53

Title: MM on MacBreak Tech
Post by Alan / Falcon on 23.01.2008 at 16:21:53
I listen to a lot of podcasts... and I was listening to one of my favorites, MacBreak Tech, where a bunch of Mac using geeks ramble on about Mac Things.  Specifically, I was listening to the Resolutions episode and towards the end, John Foster mentioned that the New Year was time for a new game, and he thought Midnight Mansion looked really interesting.  Don't think he'd downloaded and actually played it yet, but it was still a thrill to hear it mentioned!  Hopefully he does download the game and get hooked.  Feel free to go to their website and post, telling John to check it out!  8-)

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