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Message started by Freddy on 23.03.2008 at 06:23:09

Title: Version 1.1 is out
Post by Freddy on 23.03.2008 at 06:23:09
In this update of Helter Skullter the number of secrets got fixed.

Title: Re: Version 1.1 is out
Post by aquaMat on 02.11.2008 at 02:21:16
Today I tried to replay several older mansions with custom graphics, like Star Craft and Helter Skullter.

Both didn't work as intended, the custom graphics were not visible. So I assumed they had not yet been "updated" into the new "system" where the game can automatically load custom graphics when an appropriately named folder is sitting in the "Custom Mansions" folder, next to the mansion itself.

In the case of H.S. I checked and saw that there was this update available since March 2008.... so I thought maybe I had forgotten to update. But when I compared the dates I saw that I have already the updated version (from 3/2008).

Question: If there has been such a (relatively) recent update of HS, why didn't it get changed into the new "system", with an accompanying folder with the graphics ??

I know that I (and several other designers) have already updated all their custom graphics mansions in this fashion quite a while ago.

It's not that much work, anyway.

I kinow that JoeB. is not present at the forums these days (for reasons unknown), but....
Wingy.....if you're still with us , why don't you change your great STAR CRAFT series so it can load the graphics automatically ?!

I'd love to replay it......    :)

Title: Re: Version 1.1 is out
Post by brell on 02.11.2008 at 03:06:05
Hmm... was Helter Skullter with custom graphics?  As far as I remember it was one of Joe's few mansions with original graphics.  But then I may be wrong, I cannot verify this because I haven't got my computer back yet.

Title: Re: Version 1.1 is out
Post by Semi-Native on 02.11.2008 at 03:27:22
I don't remember any custom graphics with Helter Skullter.

Title: Re: Version 1.1 is out
Post by aquaMat on 05.11.2008 at 07:48:03
I only know it looked strange when I opened it....so I assumed it was because of custom graphics not loading properly.

Might be a different reason, though.

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