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Message started by omega on 17.04.2008 at 07:01:31

Title: multi player
Post by omega on 17.04.2008 at 07:01:31
It would be cool if there was multi player!
you could work together to beat a mansion or you could race each
other to the end.Well on seprate screens that is.

Title: Re: multi player
Post by Freddy on 20.04.2008 at 04:20:16
Th idea of playing a mansion with 2 or more players is of course very interesting. But, I am pretty sure that Vern Jensen, creator of our MM-game, is NOT eager to realize that (soon). :'(

But don't worry, meanwhile we are playing and designing one-player-mansions. :) Btw, how about the mansions YOU made? I did send you a few emails about them, but never received an answer. I am quite sure that all forummembers would like to see what you created. Speaking for myself, I found them very cool! 8-)

Title: Re: multi player
Post by Mikee on 20.04.2008 at 19:24:24
yeah omega that I also ask ^^

It was cool when we can play at the internet MM. But it's not aviable.. So I better enjoy the MM now as single player!  :P :)

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