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Message started by aquaMat on 31.07.2008 at 16:35:00

Title: Problems with "expired registration code
Post by aquaMat on 31.07.2008 at 16:35:00
Hi everybody.... and (hopefully) Vern,

I have tried to install my MM on my new PowerBook (the original MM-Documentation says it is allowed + possible to install one's MM-license on a second machine, if it's your own) !

I installed the game itself, then tried to use my original license / registration code to register it, but an error-message appeared saying: "Your registration has expired. Please connect the computer to the web and you will then get an updated registration code" ...or something like that.

I did this and it worked perfectly, however when I started to run the game or editor the next time it again said my registration had expired.

What is this problem and what can I do now ??
It can't be that I have to start my web connection now everytime I want to play MM or work on a custom mansion !

The problem is: I'm on vacation and need to work hard on the finishing touches of JUMP!, my latest custom mansion, to be able to release it here a.s.a.p.

Can anybody help ?
Maybe Vern?


Title: Re: Problems with "expired registration code
Post by aquaMat on 13.01.2009 at 21:16:32
The problem I outlined above is still happening - whenever I try to open either the game or the editor on my second Mac (even thouigh I have clicked on "get updated serial/registration from the web").

But: When the Mac is connected to the Internet while I'm opening MM or the editor, it works fine.

Is there really nobody among you who knows why this is happenin' ??

(It's not really dramatic..... but I just don't want to have to connect to the web every time before I open MM....!)

Title: Re: Problems with "expired registration code
Post by rose on 13.01.2009 at 22:27:34
Sorry to see that you still have this problem! :-[ Could it be a corrupt Midnight Mansion License file? It is in  user/library/application support/midnight mansion

Title: Re: Problems with "expired registration code
Post by brell on 14.01.2009 at 00:57:24
There is nothing you can do except sending mail to Vern himself at the Actionsoft support.  

Title: Re: Problems with "expired registration code
Post by VernJensen on 03.07.2009 at 03:05:01
Yes, the "support" at "actionsoft" dot com email is what anyone with problems should use. Please email me there if you're still having problems.

The problem is likely that the license file got transfered from your old Mac to the new one, and it needs to be deleted and recreated from scratch. Here is the Q&A from the FAQ about this:

Q: I've transferred my files from an old Mac to a new Mac. Now, when I start up Midnight Mansion, it tells me my computer seems to be different, and I must re-enter my registration code. But when I re-enter my code, it doesn't work -- it keeps telling me to re-enter it. What do I do?

A: Try this:

1) Click on your desktop to go to the Finder.
2) Select Home from the Go menu.
3) Double-click on Library
4) Double-click on Application Support
5) Double-click on Midnight Mansion
6) Drag the "Midnight Mansion License" file into the trash.

Now start up the game and re-enter your code. It should work this time.

If that doesn't do the trick, definitely let me know!

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