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Message started by Freddy on 16.08.2008 at 21:38:53

Title: 0f403edd8b5fbb686be2f303f37c2aa7a455d313
Post by Freddy on 16.08.2008 at 21:38:53
JUMP! 1.3

Designer: aquaMat

Size mansion: 1,8 MB

Size zip-file: 112 KB

Checksum sha zipfile: 6780c6588cc6244ad45292f11eaa94b39f86c961

Info by aquaMat:

JUMP!  is a very big mansion, more than 120 rooms, and 7 save points.
It is very hard and - as the name implies - especially contains some nerve-wracking and tough jumps. Some of them seem unmanageable to the "uninitiated" player..... but you should never forget that you can use the 7 and 9 keys for long jumps.

Note:  JUMP!  contains a lot of lava, so it should be played on up-to-date computers with enough RAM , or you might experience effects like Jack slowing  down in rooms with high lava content.


Jack has gone into hiding, resting from his previous adventure..... but suddenly he starts to get restless again. He has heard that the area right below his hiding-place was a huge cave system, full of lava and multiple dangers, that is not yet explored and might have one cave with a hidden treasure.

To get there Jack must explore the darkest caves and passages, he must crawl, climb, run and jump, jump, jump to eventually find his way to the secret treasure chamber.
In some portions of the cave system he has the feeling he is not the first human being that walked these paths..... not only are there numerous corpses and skeletons along the way.....he also happens to find another underground fortress and a maze-like system of tubes.
All of these things tell him that there have once been other people here.
Before him.

Was that in ancient times ?
Or not too long ago ?
Where they living here ?
And where do all those beasts come from.....?

Name:  JUMP!   (Version 1.3)
Size:  pretty huge
Difficulty:  hard to very hard
Save Pedestals:  7
Max. Money:  37.000
Secrets:  46
http://www.actionsoft.com/forums/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?action=downloadfile;file=JUMP_.zip (108 KB | 785 )

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