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Message started by Freddy on 17.08.2008 at 20:56:10

Title: Info about version 2.2.3 of YaBB
Post by Freddy on 17.08.2008 at 20:56:10
YaBB is the software that is used for our MMF. The current version is still 2.2, but soon it will be changed into 2.2.3 by Vern.

Is there something new to report? Oh yes. So much that I didn't have the courage to read it all. But I don't want to withhold you the correct information.

Below you will find the list of all changes in versions 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and 2.2.3.


Bug Fixes:
- Register button appearing after guest registers
- Missing $boarddirs and $boardurls
- Highlight and Smilies in PM live preview
- If PMs disabled, jump menu still shows jump to messages
- Color: olive showing as smiley
- $checkurl scalar in Decoder.pl
- Smilies in default template folder
- Reverse results in Member List
- Nopostorder subroutine in Subs.pl
- Error page for non-existing messages
- Flash files not working (Help section)
- Hidden media tags/urls visible through print function
- Call-back button in PM View
- Check for duplicate tab in Advanced Tabs
- Hidden e-mail not hiding in RSS feed
- Saving template configuration problem
- Special characters in RSS
- Reply in locked/moved topic
- Blank PMs in Message Center
- Error with HTML in IMs
- Add Redirectexit if open IM not found in store file
- NPH Windows Captcha fix
- Help center files not viewable to guests if guest media view not enabled
- Smilies not adding in PM reply
- IE7 copy to clipboard error in send PM
- Broadcast messages disabled/PM to Admin unreadable
- E-mail settings not saving correctly
- PMs send to powerusers only if admin selects that setting
- Show All function
- Autoreply PMs delete other PMs in user inbox
- Pages action
- Improved code for Quote function on posts
- Validation image problems on pages
- Tag problems with YaBBC
- ToChars/FromChars problem
- SetStatus.pl code problem
- Reply subject length problem
- Welcome PM problem
- Bug in live preview/smilies in PMs
- Special characters in registration names
- Bug in favorites.pl
- Banning by the Guardian when using "ass" in the keyword action password

Link Fixes:
- Droppages link properties control
- Long links in referring pages not shortening
- Showprofile link in My Center
- Wrong link in user panel

Layout/Format Fixes:
- Format fix to PM window
- Size of E-mail address for Send to a Friend
- Login field border on Board Index
- Table centering in posts with IE7/FF
- Tab separator error if PMs disabled
- Google Talk popup window format
- GuestPM field position problem
- Minor formatting in polls
- Height attribute for Recent User Posts
- Caret position in IE
- Caret position jump when using UBBC buttons
- Extra linebreak in guest language chooser
- Numerous html attribute fixes in files
- Expand, collapse, and Mark all Posts as read link for text button mode
- Language selection on Register page
- PM display on profile page if PM's disabled for users
- user CP layout problems
- User select windows for Buddy List and Member Groups
- Member list button for guest view
- Removed extra HTML form tags

Spelling, Text, and Instructions fixes:
- Added css file identifiers to 2.2 Forum and Admin css and 2.1 default.css
- Email.lng description for activation email link
- Spelling/capitalization/delete unused text in .lng files for Admin Center
- Updated Quick Guide
- Updated help files
- Missing pictures in user help files
- Div tag typo in System.pl

Feature Additions:
- Support for 10 additional fonts in posts and PMs
- New icons (online, info, login)
- Reason tag for approved registration E-mails
- Carsten's Advanced Tabs Mod
- Post Reply Textarea resize
- Reorder Post independent Member Groups
- Media Player
- Google Video (just copy the browser url to the Google Video in between the media tags)
- .flv files (just copy the url to the file in between the media tags)
- *.mp4 files (opens up Apple Quicktime player)
- *.xdiv and *.divx files (opens up windows media player, only works if codex is installed though)

While we try to fix all known bugs before a release, some are difficult to confirm or find a solution to.  Below is a list of things that are possibly still issues that will be solved by the next release.

Known Possible Issues:
- Xs in Broadcast Messages
- htaccess files – add for all directories that don’t have one
- Memberlist Sorting & Rebuild Members List
- PMs stored on second page – PMs do not always show correct storage page
- Highlight tag changes font properties
- Admin/Gmods who have stealth enabled and are subsequently demoted remain in stealth mode
- Convert improvement to Setup.pl
- BB code in user profile
- Rebuild message index doesn't load different pages
- Remove member group takes long time on large forum; split into steps
- Member Group color effects – better format of lines suggested
- Question if links regenerated for all other situations have conflict with censored words and Guardian blocked keywords
- UTF-8 support
- Search by Member hangs on large forums
- Viewing PM when replying to it
- Member groups deleting in Profile
- Forgotten passwords email link wrapping
- Broadcast Messages stored in one share file, so reading the first BM causes all of them to lose the “new” tag
- Apache Server Tokens Bug – if faked server tokens are used to fake IIS, causes 500 server error when yabb uses work-around for IIS servers
- Case-sensitive search in foreign messages
- New Year’s Day bug – On Jan 1, 2008, posts from 12/31/07 did not display as “yesterday” in bold font like it normally does
- User pre-registered error
- Registration Log
- Bug in User CP & Signature – problem seems to be imstore difference in 2.1 vs. 2.2, stored messages don’t convert properly
- Long threads, next page’s first post hidden
- Reverse DNS lookup causes slow down if rDNS is looked up for an IP that does not provide it
- Javascript causes banning via the Guardian when it's between [code] tags of the message variable


Feature Additions:
- Made PM text area resizeable consistent with Post text area
- Language selection at login
- Revised Pop-Up PM/email notifications and added selection functions to Admin Center
- Birthday greeting for user on their birthday
- Direct link to new PMs
- Improved PM listing background colors
- Selectable option for either pictures/picture links in quoted posts
- JavaScript-alert on multiple login clicks
- Default forum language selection at forum setup

Performance Improvements:
- Removed extra comma in code
- Removed duplicate language loading in debug routine
- Removed extraneous code in Subs.pl
- Removed javascript function already performed by ondbclick
- Moved lines of code in Search.pl
- Insert removed by mistake, and added IF statement to safe double call
- Search by member hangs or takes a very long time

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
- Error in error subroutine
- With DST checked, the greeting changed at the wrong time
- Forum log Referring Pages section displayed smilies in place of text
- Modifying polls results in Javascript syntax error
- Modified Guardian to allow javascript code in posts
- Improved PM functions with PM set for Admins/GMods only
- Call for "new" post in threads
- Bug with Ex-Member in last post of threads
- E-mail addresses starting with letter "o" making a smiley
- Special characters in passwords, email, and username
- Special characters ( and ) in Displayed Name
- HTML removed from signatures
- PM "to" selection showing all members if PMs restricted
- Ex-Members showing as blank in "From" and "Sender" fields of PMs
- Numerous issues with Broadcast and Personal Messages
- Case-sensitive search in foreign languages
- Highlight tag changing font properties
- Some members erroneously showing as Ex-Members
- Letter D converted erroneously into smiley

Link Fixes:
- Alert Moderator feature returned user to first page of topic instead of originalpost
- Missing link for user name in User CP
- Navigation link for user's last posts
- URLs being ripped in posts
- Problem adding tabs with internal URLs being truncated
- 'Open message to Call Back!' link in Outbox if >1 recipient or PM Notification on
- Removed extra blank spaces in searches

RSS Bug Fixes:
- Newer IE7 versions show active "Feeds" button When RSS disabled
- Words filtered out with Word Censor list were not filtered in RSS feed
- RSS feed improperly included very old posts

Layout/Format Fixes:
- Check mark in notify of replies to topic disappears in preview
- Partial word search does not highlight text in message
- Member list in Search if PM enabled for Admins & GMods only
- Print page does not display quotes in posts properly
- Deleting PM from PM view causes error in PM Storage listing
- PM storage page index does not display properly
- Page numbers for PM storage folders
- Board-notifications in a single board or thread
- Revised color selection for member groups
- Updated (Live) Preview Layout in Post and PM, added automatic resize live preview field
- Move Live Preview area below Preview in PM area
- Message Status Icon displayed in PM Live Preview
- Improved readibility of links below buttons in PMs
- HTML error (form element inside span element) in default template

Spelling, Text, and Instruction Fixes:
- Typographical errors in Help files


Bug Fixes:
- Board totals in Debug information
- Recent posts display now matches Admin Center limit settings
- Automatic Maintenance Mode now turns off after completing any Maintenance Mode function that turns it on
- Smiley display errors
- Setup script corrected to recognize non-standard file/folder layouts
- Message attachment routines
- Code errors in Rebuild Attachments function
- Members and Guests display in Users Online section
- Users/Guests/Search Engine display in Users Online when in Maintenance Mode
- Ex-Member problem with user names when converting from YaBB Gold version
- No Actions in Register Log if Validation code disabled
- Pre-Registration information display for Admins
- Commas in Member Group names causing access permission errors
- Global Mod action permissions to add/view/delete members
- Manage categories/boards for Global Moderators
- Error in Notifications if set for a deleted or empty board
- Guest language selection now changes menu to same language as welcome message
- Happy Birthday greeting takes into consideration user's time offset

Performance Enhancements:
- Improved speed/performance in deleting Member Groups
- Speed/performance improvements to Rebuild and Recount maintenance functions
- Code improvements to allow single setting of max process time

Link Fixes:
- Atom:link in RSS
- Display of recent output adapted to search output
- Lengthened navigation links in User CP topics

Layout/Format Fixes:
- XHTML and Code fix to Search.pl
- XHTML and Code fix to Register.pl
- Improved Login display at bottom of Board Index
- Resized Login.gif file to match other icons
- Tab Menu list issue with Apple Safari browser
- Large images breaking table in Post/PM Previews
- Background color in "View PM when replying"
- Background color/layout in User Control Panel
- Search Member list display for 1024 X 768 monitor display setting
- Dec. 31st display as "Yesterday" on Jan. 1st.
- Fix of non HTML validated code in User CP
- Change hit button background color for better visibility

Spelling, Text, and Instruction Fixes:
- Typographical error in Search.lng
- Grammatical fixes in language and template files
- Expanded Admin and GMod help files to include section on GMod action permissions

Feature Additions:
- Color selection palette added to Forum News settings
- Ability to search by Email in Member list
- "Go back to search" link added on search results page
- Ability to search by user name in PMs

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