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Message started by Freddy on 07.09.2008 at 22:16:30

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by Freddy on 07.09.2008 at 22:16:30

Missy wrote on 07.09.2008 at 22:00:18:
... I am very sorry.  I sent a PM to Freddy asking him to edit out what you deemed spoiler. ...

Done. :-*

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by josephine on 08.09.2008 at 14:47:46
Hey Missy- there is also a way to put your posts in secret code- go to www.rot13.com , type in your message, then copy/paste the encoded message here. That way you can be specific but still hide any spoilers.  :)

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by Toybox on 08.09.2008 at 22:20:31
The point of scrambling, um, sensitive information is that one cannot decipher it by mistake (at least, if scrambled using rot13, I don't know anybody who can - amusingly, I know someone who is fluent in Klingon :-?). Normally written stuff is too easy to read even when you don't look at them.

(Note: I don't like using another colour to hide a hint. I don't see any noticeable difference between before and after highlighting the text.)

So, why posting the questions for everybody to see instead of PMing them, you may wonder? I can see two reasons.

First, the recipient of the PM might not know (or not know the best answer) or :o be temporarily unavailable :o (look at those designers who have disappeared altogether!). Publicly posting the question would ensure a swift answer and reduce frustration.

Second, if someone is stuck in a place where others have been stuck before, he or she might look up the relevant question somewhere and, maybe, get the answer. This is even more relevant for players who are not forum members, as they cannot PM people, and I'm not sure about emailing.

Also, I dare not imagine the amount of messages Freddy would have got asking him about the Ultimate maze ::)

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by josephine on 09.09.2008 at 07:40:33

Toybox wrote on 08.09.2008 at 22:20:31:
I know someone who is fluent in Klingon

(Not to hijack the thread, maybe we should move this to the talk section)
Toybox- has your Klingon friend seen this:  http://macenstein.com/default/archives/1029
It's a Bingo game you play, in Klingon, when Steve Jobs is making his speech at the Macworld conference  ;D
(If you don't know what Bingo is I'll explain it.)

Missy- hiding spoilers is not to prevent players from seeing them, it's to prevent players from accidentally seeing them if they don't want to. If players want to spoil the game for themselves that's their choice, but a lot of players want to figure out the puzzles on their own or just use hints.

And like Toybox said, the designers and mods would probably quit if everyone emailed them for answers   :D

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by Catwoman on 09.09.2008 at 08:09:36

Missy wrote on 09.09.2008 at 07:51:46:
Hi Josephine,

I agree with the concept of keeping everything a secret unless the player wishes to know..  I get that part.  But what I don't get is the typing in white is very visible....therefore very disclosed.  
The cryptic is a great idea, however, there again, if one of the mod's deciphers it, just to help the poster out, then the secret is spoiled for that mod.
I will simply ask that anyone wishing to help me out, just PM me with the answer.  Other than that, I will refrain from posting any help or comments so as not to spoil it for anyone.

For me at least, the white is not visible until I select and highlight it.

When I first came to the forums basically as a lurker, I came because I was having issues figuring out a puzzle area in one of the included mansions and found a post with a hint that helped me out. Now, if the hint had not been enough, I would have welcomed seeing that 1) someone else had experienced the same problem and 2) what the answer was to be able to solve it if it meant giving a spoiler.

IMO at least.

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by Freddy on 10.09.2008 at 04:34:51

Missy wrote on 09.09.2008 at 08:22:43:
... BTW, even without my glasses on, I can see the text in white.  

[smiley=bath.gif]In my opinion you are right, Missy. I always had the same feeling that white is not the most obvious 'colour' for hints, with this light blue back ground. So for that reason, I think that the debate had its sence. Although that this CMs-board was not the appropriate place. So I will probably move several posts to a better spot.

Now, in the past, my problem was, that on the colour-palette I did NOT find any better solution than white, since ALL offered colours were always clearly visible. But ... I have a suggestion. If you use ***HINT*** [color=#d9e3ff] ***END OF HINT*** for the hints, I am very sure that no one will see anything accidently!!

Title: Re: New mansion soon: "The Void"
Post by aquaMat on 11.09.2008 at 00:57:18

Missy wrote on 09.09.2008 at 08:22:43:
OMG, I don't understand why this is being debated.  

I apologized and stated that I will refrain from helping or posting comments so as not to make a mistake again.  It's that simple.  I choose not to screw up again. This is 2 strikes against me and I choose not to make it 3.  It's that simple.  I give up.

I have posted a request for help in the A Curious Observatory section, and that has not got any attention, yet, me stating that I am sorry and I will not offer any more comments so as not to spoil.... is getting all this unwarranted

BTW, even without my glasses on, I can see the text in white.  

Dear Missy,

my first comment to you about that small section of text that I thought was somewhat of a spoiler, was in NO WAY meant as a discouragement or anything like that. The consequence should really NOT be that you have the feeling you can't say what you want here....or we don't want to hear it or anything. Quite the contrary ! (At least that's my point of view).

All I was saying was that I would have preferred if you had written that certain part of text in white, nothing else.

Of course I second the view that the white text can still be read, if one makes the effort..... BUT - as Toybox has pointed out above:
The white text prevents that an unsuspecting forum member might look over the page and without consciously wanting to read it, is looking at a spoiler. Now, if the text was white, he can always chose not to make the effort to read it.

Please don't feel offended by my initial comment....it has in no way implied that you should stop making comments altogether.


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