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Message started by Missy on 16.09.2008 at 23:05:15

Title: Help
Post by Missy on 16.09.2008 at 23:05:15

Has anyone managed to get past those darn birds in room 16308 and the next room of birds?  It's past the 3rd save.  If yes, HOW?

This is a great mansion, very creative.  Love it.

Title: Re: Help
Post by Semi-Native on 17.09.2008 at 00:02:09
A lot of luck, great timing and lots of Jack lives to spare seems to be the only way. Good luck!

Title: Re: Help
Post by Missy on 17.09.2008 at 00:19:42
Hi Semi-Native

As always, you are very kind and informative.  

I figured that I had best re do the 2nd to 3rd save and see if I can get more lives, but what an ordeal.  Tough game.

And now, with your input, I guess I will have to do that......yuk!  hee, hee.

Title: Re: Help
Post by Lara on 18.09.2008 at 04:59:12
I remember that that was a hard page but Temple of the Moon was an AWESOME mansion.


Title: Re: Help
Post by Missy on 18.09.2008 at 05:11:13
You know, I made it to the tower top 3 times.

Once with only 1 life to spare and didn't move fast enough and the scorpions got me.
The other 2 times with 0 lives to spare and that gosh darn creature, who you can't help but bump into, killed Jack.  

I am now trying a new strategy, (work smarter not harder) and that's to use whatever lives I have left, to knock off some of those gosh darn birds and double back to the save, were I get 6 more lives.

Title: Re: Help
Post by josephine on 18.09.2008 at 13:04:08
Missy- you need to pace yourself, you're going to run out of mansions soon!   ;D

Title: Re: Help
Post by Missy on 18.09.2008 at 14:25:55
I already have.  I have done them all except for the end of this one. hee,hee

Title: Re: Help
Post by Missy on 19.09.2008 at 12:59:27
Thanks to Olle the Greatest sharing a tip, I was able to finally finish the mansion.  And I took pics to prove it.  hee hee hee.

[smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Olle uses a & s keys for long jumps, so I changed my settings from 7 & 9 on the nub.
It is much easier using a & s keys.....and they are very much needed after the tower.

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