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Message started by Freddy on 28.09.2008 at 21:50:14

Title: Version 1.0 released
Post by Freddy on 28.09.2008 at 21:50:14
Panther Mansion is an easy mansion in the same vein as the easy included mansions. Good for beginning players.
Size: around 80 rooms.
Includes one custom background.

The easiest and fastest way to download this new mansion, is by going to the 'important topic' (sticky) on top of this board.

Btw, there are strong rumours about more mansions with cat names to come ... ;) And Catwoman also seems to be the brain behind all the versions of mac osx! 8-)

Title: Re: Version 1.0 released
Post by Semi-Native on 29.09.2008 at 03:07:29
Very nice mansion, Catwoman, thank you! It does remind me of the original included mansions. I'm looking forward to your future mansions, too.

Title: Re: Version 1.0 released
Post by sherryl199 on 02.10.2008 at 01:05:44
Very nice, very complete mansion. It's sort of like MM 101. It will be a great mansion for those new to the game - easy enough to conquer eventually and hard enough to make them want more.

Title: Re: Version 1.0 released
Post by aquaMat on 03.10.2008 at 22:25:31
How great that we have a new designer and a new easy mansion (although Panther Mansion is a bit too easy for my taste  ;)).

But I found a few issues in Panther Mansion which need fixing.
Unfortunately I didn't write down the room numbers, so I have to check again and report them later.

Here are a few examples:

In one room there is a not properly "terminated" room border, which results in Jack falling a few rooms deep and dying.

Another issue is the typical problem of too many poles in the mansion after the use of which the player has no chance to finish earlier rooms he might not have visited yet. This is especially a problem in a mansion like PM which is pretty to get "lost" in.
Of course one could argue that it's the player's own job to avoid taking a pole too early.
But in a otherwise very easy mansion I feel this pole problem should be at least hinted at by the designer (via a BBB, for example) or completely avoided.

Also there is a JS in room 18113, where it is possible to jump onto the right conveyor belt (and even higher onto the closed trapdoor) and once there Jack is forever stuck.

Title: Re: Version 1.0 released
Post by Catwoman on 04.10.2008 at 06:26:54
Thanks for the feedback and comments everyone. Yes, it's probably too easy for most of you seasoned players.   ;)

Yes, someone has pointed out to me the pole issue at the end. I figured a BBB would be a good solution to warn the player.

I am amazed at where various players Jack goes-- regarding room 18113.  :P  Really, I find it fascinating how we each play so differently and think so differently.

And yes, the rumor Freddy mentioned is true. I will be building more mansions. But no, I'm not responsible for all of the OS X versions.  :D

Title: Re: Version 1.0 released
Post by SandyBean on 27.10.2008 at 10:05:50
Hi Catwoman!

Is Batman somewhere in the background for you, or are you working solely on your own?

I enjoyed your first creation, Panther Mansion, and was thrilled to find a few places that were hidden, showing you are on your way to becoming a great CM builder.  

It is always good to have new mansions, whether they are extra difficult (ie; almost impossible....... read 'some of our original thinkers', not mentioning any names here!), and some that are of medium difficulty, keeping the player trying for more, or the good basics that are easy, and leave one's mind to just enjoy the experience.

Thank you for your CM, and I hope you continue to build new mansions and challenge yourself to be bolder and more 'on the edge' each time.

Hooray for Catwoman !!!!  :D


SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

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