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Message started by Spiak on 09.11.2008 at 22:09:23

Title: JS in 15900
Post by Spiak on 09.11.2008 at 22:09:23
Help!! I managed to find my way to room 15900, where I climbed the vine in the upper right corner.. but now I can't get back down.


Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by Olle the Greatest on 10.11.2008 at 04:16:10
it is not a JS, you just have to find the vine again

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by Semi-Native on 10.11.2008 at 04:23:36
That happened to me, too. The first time, I started over. The second time, I finally found it again... but it took awhile.

Great mansion, Olle's gf!

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by Spiak on 10.11.2008 at 05:58:41
I tried moving up, down, left, right, jumping, climbing and nothing seems to work. I can pull the lever but it only seems to affect the electric arc.

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by SandyBean on 10.11.2008 at 08:32:12
Hey Spiak,  

I got stuck there too the first time around, and don't quite know how we got out, but luckily Jack did.

The second time through me and Jack paid attention, and we had to remember to stay calm and grounded after pulling the lever, and not go jumping to conclusions.

I hope this helps, BTW to Ollie's GF, this is an excellent mansion so far, I was thinking 'ya first mansion, easy break, not lots of brain cells needing to rub together' ...........boy were me and Jack off base, this is excellent, some great hiding spots found, and excellent challenges!!!!

Keep it up Ollie and your GF, great work !!!    ;D


SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by Bert on 26.03.2012 at 00:15:43
I cannot find the vine again!  I jumped into the area, turned on the lever and turned around to go down the vine.  But I am stuck and NOTHING works.  I have even moved one step or jump at a time and waited until I saw the "zzz"s to locate Jack.  But he will not move to the vine.  Is there a pattern of platforms to be negotiated?  Is there a block after you turn the lever to turn off the electricity?

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by brell on 27.03.2012 at 05:13:06
Hi Spiak, nice to see you around again  :)

Title: Re: JS in 15900
Post by Semi-Native on 27.03.2012 at 05:37:42
Hi Bert. There are no platforms or anything, it's just very tricky to get back on the vine. Just keep trying, I know it can be frustrating, but keep at it, and good luck.

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