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Message started by Missy on 13.11.2008 at 00:17:04

Title: Help Please
Post by Missy on 13.11.2008 at 00:17:04
I cannot figure out how to get to room 20093 which is below room 19893
I tried sliding down all the yellow poles to no avail.  

Also, after obtaining the pink key in the rooms to the left with he up & down yellow panels, I shifted the shifted the invisible block & can't figure out how to shift them again so as to walk on them after I get down to room 20093.
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Title: Re: Help Please
Post by Semi-Native on 13.11.2008 at 00:19:45
Keep exploring Missy. You'll get there eventually.

Title: Re: Help Please
Post by Missy on 13.11.2008 at 03:27:06
Thank You Semi Native,

For some reason, my arrow buttons seem to be jamming.....I know I tried  going down that area to get to my stuck area.  I also find that the arrows are getting stuck in many places in this game.....hmmmm.
I have been stalling on taking this new iMac into the shop.  Better get there soon.

I finished finally, with only 85% secrets.  This sure is a hard puzzle game with very tedious jumps!

Title: Re: Help Please
Post by Semi-Native on 13.11.2008 at 03:29:23
ONLY 85% !!!!  Wow, that's great! My second time through I only improved to 70% Way to go!

Title: Re: Help Please
Post by Missy on 13.11.2008 at 23:50:14
hee, hee, hee.....having been so stuck and trying every nook and cranny.....I guess I was able to find the secrets except for the way to go further.  lololol

AquaMat:  This is a very Creative and Ingenious Puzzle Mansion.....Thank You
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Title: Re: Help Please
Post by aquaMat on 14.11.2008 at 20:19:13

getting 85% in such a short time (since the release of PM) is truly something !!

Very good indeed !

However, you should be aware that Room # 20093 is not accessible from above !!  
Although, structurally,  it belongs to the big construction (with the yellow poles) it is a room that you reach only quite a while later in the game.

It's no accident that the poles are designed in such a fashion that sliding down on them (to 20093) is not possible !

As for the other part of your question:
I don't know of a situation (in the area around room 20092) where you want to change back the status of the gold/silver blocks !??!

Also I am not quite sure of what "pink key" you are talking about ??

Somehow I have the feeling you wrote all this while you were exploring this area in the "wrong way".... even though there's no such thing as a "wrong way" in this mansion....unless, that is, you skipped or missed a whole section..... ??   :-/   ::)    :o

Or maybe I just misunderstood your question ?!

Title: Re: Help Please
Post by Missy on 15.11.2008 at 00:35:53
Hi Aquamat,

Not to worry, I had probably remembered the wrong colour of the key.  I will go back and do the game again and take pic's of the area and send you an email.

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