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Message started by dlcatftwin on 18.12.2008 at 07:10:00

Title: Palais Pompomrouge-Save 1
Post by dlcatftwin on 18.12.2008 at 07:10:00
Greetings all,
Long time, but I'm back! Had a chance to try some of the new Opuses (opera) that have been launched - always fun!
I'm trying "Palais Pompomrouge" right now and stumbled on a problem.
Took advantage of Save #1 (see JPEG) which is frame #16702 and it appears that Jack is stuck - the brick that served as top of the door frame is now in the way of a clear jump.
How does Jack get down? Or does one have to start over (that would be mean!).
Thanks much!
Palais_Pompomrouge_save_1.jpg (37 KB | )

Title: Re: Palais Pompomrouge-Save 1
Post by Missy on 18.12.2008 at 07:26:56
Hello dlcatftwin,

Welcome back.  Perhaps, since you have been away, you haven't noticed that all the CM's are now posted in alphabetical order on the main HOME page of the forum, just keep scrolling down and you will see them all.

PP had a recent update and perhaps when Leo was making adjustments, something moved out of place, as those bricks were not there before.

If you post in the PP on the HOME page, I'm sure that you will get a quicker response.

It's much easier looking for hints and help now that each CM has its own Topic section.

Good Luck

Title: Re: Palais Pompomrouge-Save 1
Post by rose on 18.12.2008 at 12:40:15
Here is a suggestion: take a step back and then jump of the pedistal. I don 't know if it works but might do ::)

Title: Re: Palais Pompomrouge-Save 1
Post by Semi-Native on 18.12.2008 at 19:34:54
Hi and welcome back.

This problem did happen with the update and won't be fixed until the next update. I know how hard it was to reach the first save and you want to continue, so my solution to the problem was to open the mansion in the Level Editor and get rid of the bricks myself.

I hate to fool with anyone's design, but it does allow you to continue.

Title: Re: Palais Pompomrouge-Save 1
Post by dlcatftwin on 22.12.2008 at 07:50:46
Hi there!
Thanks all for responding, I'll give those suggestions a try.
And thanks for pointing out the updated organization of the topics, Missy, much appreciated! [smiley=dankk2.gif]
Happy Holidays!

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