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Message started by Catwoman on 20.12.2008 at 21:41:21

Title: Bobcat Mansion Easy
Post by Catwoman on 20.12.2008 at 21:41:21
Size: around 80 rooms
Difficulty: Easy

In the vein of the included easy mansions, Jack has happened upon Bobcat Mansion. Can Jack find all of the gold and secrets?

This has been thoroughly beta-tested.

So get your addiction fix all you MMers.  ;)

Title: Re: Bobcat Mansion Easy
Post by Freddy on 18.12.2009 at 04:25:27
A nice and indeed easy mansion. After a relaxed stroll my Jack finished with $ 27.500 and 85 % of the secrets. Will do a revisit to search for what I missed.

A mini-mini-minor issue. In the ... startingroom sometimes Jack doesn't take all the coins while gliding down the pole. :o Pretty odd.

Building-hint: in the builder go to Options and unmark 'Align to grid'. Then it is possible to put the coins e.g. on the pole and not besides it.

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