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Message started by Catwoman on 18.03.2009 at 06:10:17

Title: stuck in room 16504
Post by Catwoman on 18.03.2009 at 06:10:17
I finally got past the 3rd section and have finally beaten this mansion. Yeah!  ;D It was easier after that section. But I missed the section to the left after sliding down the pole by the save in the last section. So went back to do that and I got my Jack stuck in room 16504. As you can see in the picture, he went down the ladder, pulled the lever and went across and got the purple key. Jack climbed back up the ladder because he had not grabbed the red key or pulled that lever. But I can't get there. And I can't climb back down the ladder to where I was. I'm not sure how I got stuck, but can't seem to get unstuck.

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Title: Re: stuck in room 16504
Post by Olle the Greatest on 18.03.2009 at 14:50:55
you seem to be right, I didn't think one could get in there without opening that grey door at first but I tried and found that it was possible so I'm afraid you're stuck until I've made a fix and sent it to the admins

so this is a definite JS... thanx for finding it :) and for playing my octopus, I didn't think anyone did that anymore... :)

Title: Re: stuck in room 16504
Post by Catwoman on 19.03.2009 at 01:19:14
Well, I originally couldn't get past the 3rd section. It was time for me to revisit the mansion. Glad I did.

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