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Message started by rose on 05.07.2009 at 23:58:34

Title: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by rose on 05.07.2009 at 23:58:34
I just saw that vers. 1.1.8 is downloadable!! It has been for 2 days!!! :)

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by Semi-Native on 06.07.2009 at 00:12:43
Thanks, rose!

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by iRock on 06.07.2009 at 03:04:59
Thanks! Downloading now.

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by SandyBean on 06.07.2009 at 07:11:12
????  I am still using version 1.0.9, and everything works great (as far as I know).

I am still very much a computer newbie, and terrified of most system upgrades, deleting programs, moving stuff, etc.

Can anyone tell me if I need to upgrade to the 1.1.8 version, and if so, how to do it for 'computer iMac Dummies'.  ?   [smiley=embarassed.gif]

Thanks ahead of time, [smiley=dankk2.gif]

SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by aquaMat on 06.07.2009 at 23:44:19
While I do not always find it necessary to keep all my software at the latest version, I always do update my MM application.

Most of the time it is only one or two smaller issues that Vern has "repaired" when a new version comes out.....  however there have been some update-steps in the past that have been very important.

As you are really quite much behind (you're even below 1.1.0 !!), I'd really recommend that you update several steps.

Every update-version is a COMPLETE version of the program....so there's not much that can go wrong.

However, you must take care to move all the Custom Mansions from the older folder into the newest update. Manually !

What I would do:
Leave the old version on your Mac until you have installed and tested the update.
Try this:  Download the latest version (provided it's compatible with your version of the Mac OS !), and from the unzipped disk-image that appears after the download, copy the MM application 1.1.8 into your "Applications" folder - right next to your version 1.0.9.

Next, drag or copy the content of your old "Custom Mansions" folder into the new "Custom Mansions" folder (within the 1.1.8 application folder).
Start the new version and try to play a custom mansion once MM has started..... if that works fine you did everything correctly.

It's simple, isn't it??  ;)

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by SandyBean on 08.07.2009 at 02:35:23
Hi aquaMat,

Thanks So Much for the excellent and easy to follow instructions, I have printed them off so when I gain the courage to try it, I can follow them to the 'letter'.

Have another question though, when I looked through my computer, I found another folder labelled MM in my 'home section' (called forward5,  See attached pic)  when I go to > Library >Application Support > MM.  This MM folder contains things such as 'MM High Scores', 'Player Profiles', 'Saved Games', 'Output File Log', etc.   Will this all be automatically saved or updated along with the installation of the new MM version 1.1.8, or do I need to do something here too?

Sorry for all the questions, and I appreciate your help so much, just such a 'newbie' at all this stuff !   :-/

thanks and take care,

SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Picture_2_023.png (153 KB | )

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by rose on 08.07.2009 at 02:55:36
Don't touch that folder. It has the data of saved games among other things. It is the info you want to keep.

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by Semi-Native on 08.07.2009 at 03:27:47
Like rose said, you don't have to do anything about the folder in Application Support.

The MM updates have always gone smoothly for me, you don't have to worry. Just remember to move your custom mansions from the old version to the new one. Then after you're sure the new version is working fine, you can trash the old version's folder from your applications folder.

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by Wingy on 08.07.2009 at 07:30:37
Ze folder with ze high scores, profiles and such, are always going to be the same. The only thing that needs to be updated is the Midnight Mansion applications and the midnight mansion data, pretty much.

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by SandyBean on 09.07.2009 at 23:19:06
I DID IT.... I DID IT ~!!!    ;D

Thanks aquaMat, Rose, Semi-Native and Wingy...........with all your great instructions, it really was a breeze, and I didn't accidentally delete anything !  Yaa Hoo !

But, I didn't really notice much difference either, but I guess since I am still playing "the Complex" Jack and I may not have run up against any glitches......it was designed by aquaMat after all!   ;)

Thanks Again, and take care All ~

SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by aquaMat on 10.07.2009 at 23:52:25
Thanks, SandyBean.

The reason that you don't actually "see" the improvements in the update is that Vern usually released an update even when there was just one special issue to improve....don't forget that MM was already pretty perfect with version 1.0 !

BUT: some things you must surely notice - if you know where to look:

One of the most important improvements (somewhere between version 1.1.0 and 1.1.3 I guess) was the removal of the "ceiling bug".
In the old versions whenever Jack took a moving platform that went up until the upper "edge" of the room / screen - and there was no ceiling there - Jack would die.  Even though I sometimes used that bug as a feature (an added "hardship" or trap for Jack) Vern has removed it. And rightly so.  

Some other major improvements concern the building side of things - for example the tile display in the MLE got bigger.

Trust me - the update was definitely worth it....!

Title: Re: version 1.1.8 is here
Post by VernJensen on 02.09.2009 at 02:16:31
Yes, just to say -- SandyBean -- the Midnight Mansion folder inside of Application Support is used by *any* copy of Midnight Mansion you run on your computer. So you can upgrade to new versions of the game, and you'll still have your saved games, high scores, license file, and so on, because those aren't kept in the Midnight Mansion folder that you upgrade -- they are kept in Application Support (which you don't need to touch).

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