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Message started by aquaMat on 07.08.2009 at 19:06:53

Title: A few minor problems in Veronica's Ladders
Post by aquaMat on 07.08.2009 at 19:06:53
As I have already pointed out in my post in the "Jack In Spider World" thread I feel Veronica's first mansions could have needed a bit more testing to iron out some of the problems.

In Veronica's Ladders it's especially some of those ladders that have been (deliberately or not) designed with additional and sometimes 'faulty' ladder tiles which  - more often than not - result in cheap deaths.

Whereas in the first few instances it seems to be deliberately (severals ladders built net-like next to another - made to look like a "wooden garden wall" - type contraption (for need of a better word)) in later rooms there is often just one or two additional ladder-tile(s), apparently randomly placed....which often prevents Jack from accessing the ladder correctly - and ultiumately he falls to his death.

For a mansion that is meant to be "Easy to Normal" this isn't acceptable, IMHO.

I also remember a couple of cheap deaths, and a few other issues - like  doors Jack can jump over, other doors that do not open properly - but unfortunatley didn't take notes of room numbers.
And now that I think of it - the two last-mentioned issues could be in Spider World.........  I'll have to re-check.

Veronica - please don't get me wrong. I don't mention any of this to discourage you or dampen your enthusiasm or anything. I also don't put the "blame" on you...... because as I said - for a new designer there are many potential mistakes to make (and you defintely didn't make much!).....  it's just that I feel the beta-testing could have been a bit more extensive.

(Which, by the way, surprises me - 'cause I know that Semi-Native is usually a good beta-tester.)

Title: Re: A few minor problems in Veronica's Ladders
Post by aquaMat on 07.08.2009 at 19:23:01
As an example for the "ladder-problem" I attach an image of room 16507.

Note the top of the right ladder.
Veronicas_Ladders_-16507.jpg (223 KB | )

Title: Re: A few minor problems in Veronica's Ladders
Post by Veronika on 08.08.2009 at 00:17:45
Hi :)

Yes, the extra ladders are deliberate- so you have to be a bit more careful while climbing.. ;)  That's also the reason why the mansion is called V. ladders :)

When I send the description to Brell I wrote- easy to medium ( normal) with a few harder parts- If he ignored that addition, well then... 8-)
You know I'm kidding , right ( about Brell)?   ;D  I do not want to sound offended or offensive, because I'm sooo not!  ;)

And of course, being new at this, I'd  like very much, for you or anybody else playing my mansions , to let me know what their problems were or maybe which parts they didn't like so I can get better at designing mansions ;)

Thanx again and let me know If you find anything else in SW or VL.

Have fun :D


Title: Re: A few minor problems in Veronica's Ladders
Post by Freddy on 17.08.2009 at 21:57:14
I did remove all the following posts since they were either out of topic or were déja vu quarreling about beta-testers. Since I had a lot of contact with almost all players, for several years now, I am pretty sure that:
1° none of our MMF-members is trying to harass mansion builders or beta-testers in any way;
2° none of the mansion builders and beta-testers can't handdle the reports of mistakes.

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