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Message started by brell on 29.11.2009 at 18:59:50

Title: 65ec3e50845faba313cac961ea0849819a5cae90
Post by brell on 29.11.2009 at 18:59:50
Cheetah Castle Normal

Designer:  Catwoman
Difficulty: Normal
Rooms: 107

Cheetah Castle allows Jack to wander and explore --  there are
options on which way to go at various times. Depending on the
path you take, you may decide to leave some doors unopened
and may finish the mansion with some extra keys. Or maybe
some doors are better left unopened.

To keep track of your process the final amount for Cheetah
Castle Normal is $29,375.

Cheetah_Castle_Normal.zip (MM1)
Checksum sha:  f96cea198ad1dd5617ac084a3d92c6107708c0ef

Cheetah_Castle_Normal-HD.zip (MMHD)
Checksum sha: b4bbde3699c3adbb7aa5e716b283911967d9e95c
http://www.actionsoft.com/forums/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?action=downloadfile;file=Cheetah_Castle_Normal.zip (66 KB | 849 )
http://www.actionsoft.com/forums/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?action=downloadfile;file=Cheetah_Castle_Normal-HD.zip (90 KB | 964 )

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