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Message started by gdwright on 07.12.2009 at 21:55:28

Title: Bug in Falcon Manor Normal
Post by gdwright on 07.12.2009 at 21:55:28
In Falcon Manor Normal when entering room 18897 from the right, and there is no bridge available and the player steps on the stone which closes the gate behind the player there is no way to continue the game, no going forward because there is no bridge, no going back as the gate is closed. I'm a long time player who has registered several times all under old email addresses. Thanks for a great game.

Title: Re: Bug in Falcon Manor Normal
Post by Alan Falcon on 08.12.2009 at 02:47:52
Hey gdwright!

In the situation you describe, it may be necessary to sacrifice a life by jumping into the pit.  You should reappear on the correct side of the closed door and be able to continue to play the game.  I agree that this is not really an idea solution though.  

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