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Message started by Freddy on 14.12.2009 at 03:39:13

Title: A visit worthwhile
Post by Freddy on 14.12.2009 at 03:39:13
Congratulations Catwoman with this mansion. After many months without playing MM, this afternoon I wanted to restart with one of the fresh downloaded mansions. I chose Mini Ore Mine, because the name contained the word 'mini'.

Well, my playing skill had gotten an almost imaginary depth. However, the fourth time my Jack Malone reached the finish with $ 6.350 and 80 % secrets found. A good reason to do a new visit in future.

Whenever you have some time, please have a look at a few issues.

1 When Jack is in room 17105 and he goes back down to room 17305, he almost sure loses a life because of Mrs. Green. I don't dare to call it a cheap death, because Jack does NOT die immediately. Only when he wants to continue further down. And besides that, there might be a tough way to stay alive by jumping over Mrs. Green. Anyway, my Jack couldn't.

In room 17303, I think that there is no reason to open the purple door. So at the end I have a spare purple key.
In the lower room of the ladderpuzzle area, I didn't open the red door to take the blue key. And therefor also kept the blue door closed. Saved two extra keys, but that was probably not good. But I had no choise, bacause I couldn't see how Jack could reach the red door without losing a live. While he had none anymore.

See the image. My Jack is stuck, because only the upper right platform is moving. Notice that my Jack has no lives left at this point. Although it doesn't make any difference. Jack went to the right edge of that block and continued with an ultimate jump to the right. To see 'things' too early.
By accident he catched two goldcoins before dying. Reaching $ 3.000 while avoiding 'game over'. That is cool, isn't it?!
Room_16704.png (166 KB | )

Title: Re: A visit worthwhile
Post by Catwoman on 14.12.2009 at 07:33:22
Thanks for playing MOM. Yes, it is a small mansion unlike MMaM or Jacques Revenge.  :)

For Room 17305, you can avoid Mrs Green. Just try something besides jumping.  ;)

Room 17105, Jack can safely get the red key without losing a life.

Room 16704, that will be easy for me to fix to avoid a JS.

Yes, very cool that you got the gold coins to get another life and avoid a game over.  :)

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