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Message started by Freddy on 07.01.2010 at 18:20:09

Title: 8e1b2d854494bfd2f319873b3bbdb483022301ce
Post by Freddy on 07.01.2010 at 18:20:09
Oline's Coffeehouse 1.0

Designer: Freddy

Size mansion: 668 KB

Size datafolder: 6,7 MB

Size zip-file: 6,6 MB

Checksum sha: 8e1b2d854494bfd2f319873b3bbdb483022301ce

Info by Freddy:

So far this very hard mansion contains a red and a green area. Money and saving pedestals are limited. Shields are absent. Therefor the difficultydegree is supposed to be close to game over.

Oline and her coffeehouse really exist!
http://www.actionsoft.com/forums/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?action=downloadfile;file=Oline_s_Coffeehouse.zip (6806 KB | )

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