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Message started by Semi-Native on 10.02.2010 at 00:53:33

Title: You may need to re-register
Post by Semi-Native on 10.02.2010 at 00:53:33
There have been some issues with the forum lately, as a result of some corrupted files.

If you registered as a Newbie since December 20, 2009 you may need to re-register. Go to the Members tab above to see if and how you are listed.

mick, you sent me a PM asking me to change you to Lost One status, but you are not in the Members list. I was not even able to reply to your message to tell you. Once you re-register, send me another message and I'll change your status.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!

Edit:  Some additional information. Some threads have also probably been lost, which can't be remedied. If there are links to custom mansions that no longer work, please post a topic about that and hopefully we'll be able to fix those. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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