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Message started by Leon on 17.08.2010 at 23:30:47

Title: Create New Mansion Option
Post by Leon on 17.08.2010 at 23:30:47
I thought a good idea to include with the LD is an option to start start a new custom Mansion under the File toolbar, it will save time from copying custom mansions or downloading custom mansions.

What do you guys think? Yes or No?


Title: Re: Create New Mansion Option
Post by Semi-Native on 17.08.2010 at 23:45:57
That's what the Empty Mansion is for in the Custom Mansions folder. You just copy it and rename it. And it already includes a lot of features that are often used, like ladders, vines, decorations, etc. They are located in rooms off to the side which you can go to and copy things to place in your mansion.

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