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Message started by Anthony on 28.08.2010 at 10:10:15

Title: How to upload a mansion
Post by Anthony on 28.08.2010 at 10:10:15
Note: If you're wondering how to begin to build a mansion and have no idea, please read the included Level Builder Docs in included in the Midnight Mansion 2's folder.

If you want one of your mansions to get on the List of Completed Mansions it does NOT to be perfect. But we need the assurance of the designer that it has been beta-tested thoroughly. In a matter of fact, that is our only demand.

It is certainly not our purpose to disrupt anyone's creativity. So we will not declare what is a must or what is inacceptable. But having a look at possible jack-stucks, heightdifference at horizontal roomlinks, unsupposed shortcuts etc. are wortwhile.

When your mansion is in your opinion ready for release you do the following steps.
1° In the Mansion Lever Builder go to Special and Remove Preview PICTs.
2° Go to Finder and File. Click on Create Archive ... to become a neat zip-file.
3° Send that zip-file and an accompanying text (with size, difficulty-degree, story, etc.) by email to one or more administrators. Not the Global Moderator or the YaBB Administrator! The emailaddresses of the "normal" administrators you will easily find in the memberslist.

The first administrator who finds the time, will launch your mansion.

It is our advice that you also start a new topic about your oncoming mansion at Talk, even during the building process. So you will be able to tell what you are planning, show a screenshot as appetizer, ask advice in case of problems, announce that your finished mansion was send to the administrators ...

Lately it seems that most mansion builders have been sending their new mansions to the admins, asking them to do the beta testing.  While we love to do that it is impossible for us to test all mansions.  So when you have a mansion ready for beta testing please advertise it on boards (e.g. the Talk forum) and ask for volunteering beta testers instead of sending them to us.  When you and your beta testers think the mansion is ready for the final list you can sent it to us and we will put it on the final list.
While it is propably impossible to find all Jack stucks (JS) and cheap deaths (cd) in the testing period it is very important that all possible JS and cd that are found are fixed before a mansion is put  on the final list. Take MM&M back in the original game, which is still being updated because players are still finding such things.  Always bear in mind that:
1. The majority of players does not want JS and cd and think it is unfair. The same applies to most players regarding forced deaths like having to kill a monster without a shield.  On the other hand it can be a challenge to find a shield to get past a monster.
2. Never ever assume that the player will play your mansion in the way you intended.  If there is a strange/stupid/whatever play that a player can do be sure that someone eventually will make that play. Remember that the player cannot know beforehand that the play will lead to JS or cd.

Builders are advised to use the building instructions that came with the game. You can find discussion about building tips and tricks here and here.

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