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Message started by Anthony on 28.08.2010 at 10:22:24

Title: Wanted: Designers!
Post by Anthony on 28.08.2010 at 10:22:24
We seem to have no custom mansions for MM2, yet. Since the game *just* got released, we won't expect any mansions from designers any time soon quite yet. If you have a great idea or inspiration, build your mansion, advertise it on the MM2 Talk board and ask for beta testers. After that, e-mail it to them, get their feedback, fix it up, then e-mail it to an admin and there you have it, your own mansion up here for everyone to enjoy!


P.S. There are a couple custom mansions that come with the game already in the custom mansion folder, if you didn't already realize. You can start with those!

This topic is temporary until we have a couple Mansions uploaded.

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