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Message started by Justin on 28.08.2010 at 22:23:25

Title: MM2 Demo Error at startup
Post by Justin on 28.08.2010 at 22:23:25
I just downloaded the demo version of MM2 and am unable to get it working.  I launch the game, select the screen mode I want, click "Not Yet" at the registration screen and once the "Click to continue" appears, I get the following error:

Filename: Gamescreens.c
Line Number: 887 (unknown)
Error Code: -35

My current setup:

Intel iMac 2.4 Ghz w/ 2 GB Ram
Mac OSX 10.6.4

I first downloaded from download.com and after getting the error, I downloaded from the actionsoft server and still get the same error.

The mansion level builder will open and I was able to open a mansion and view the rooms.

Let me know if there is any more information you need.



Addition:  I have my HD formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled and Case-Sensitive) and I imagine that may have something to do with the error, being case sensitive.

Title: Re: MM2 Demo Error at startup
Post by Justin on 29.08.2010 at 06:26:07
Just as I thought... It is something to do with my HD being formatted as case-sensitive.  I renamed all of the files in the Screens folder to make sure they were all lower case (guessing as that is what is used in the open function call) and I can get past the first error..... but now I get a new one:

Filename: NewSprite.c
Line Number: 1516 (unknown)
Error Code: -43 (fnfErr)

I tried renaming other files with all lower case names, but can't seem to get past this error.

FWIW, I have the original MM and haven't had a single problem with it regarding filenames and being case-sensitive.



Title: Re: MM2 Demo Error at startup
Post by VernJensen on 29.08.2010 at 07:21:46
Justin --

This was recently reported to me by another user, and I'm currently working on fixing it! The 1.0.1 update will have a fix. Not sure how soon that will be released, but stay tuned!

Title: Re: MM2 Demo Error at startup
Post by brell on 30.08.2010 at 03:50:53
Just out of curiosity:  Why is the case-sensitive formatting option anyway?  What does it provide?

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