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Message started by brell on 05.09.2010 at 05:57:05

Title: Downloads sorted by designers
Post by brell on 05.09.2010 at 05:57:05
Below, the list of custom mansions is sorted by the designers.

2 Loons

Fine Mess, A by 2 Loons
First released on 25.05.2011


Acid Rock
First release on 20.02.2011

Trigger Island.
Version 1.6 first released on 12.09.2010 as a part of the MM2 package.


The Caves and the Castle easy, normal and hard
First released on 27.08.2010 as a part of the MM2 package and updated on 12.09.2010

joeb (Matt & Joe)

Updated on 07.11.2010


Goron Grotto
Updated on 6.11.10


Miner's Mansion, The
First release on 21.11.2010


Jubilee Mansion
Released on 12.3.2013


Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Freddy/SandyBean/Josephine
Updated 16 Feb 2014

A Yellow Submarine by SandyBean
First release on 23.07.2011

A Yellow Submarine Normal by SandyBean
First released 31 Oct 2013

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