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Message started by brell on 05.09.2010 at 06:03:22

Title: Downloads sorted by mansion names
Post by brell on 05.09.2010 at 06:03:22
Below you will find the list of all the Approved Custom Mansions. When you click on one of the mansionnames, you will arrive at an other page of these boards where you will find information about that mansion AND the zip-file to download.

For information about the appendixes of the mansionfiles, see under Announcements / Forum Messages.

Acid Rock by aquaMat.
First release on 20.02.2011

Caves and the Castle easy, normal and hard, The by brell
First released on 27.08.2010 as a part of the MM2 package and updated on 12.09.10

Fine Mess, A by 2 Loons
First released on 25.05.2011

Ghosthunter by Matt and Joeb
Updated on 07.11.2010

Goron Grotto by Leon
Updated on 6.11.2010

Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Freddy/SandyBean/Josephine
Updated 16 Feb 2014

Jubilee Mansion by mapman
Released on 12.3.2013

Miner's Mansion, The by mapman
First release on 21.11.2010

Trigger Island by aquaMat
Version 1.6 first released on 12.09.2010 as a part of the MM2 package.

A Yellow Submarine by SandyBean
First release on 23.07.2011

A Yellow Submarine Normal by SandyBean
First release on 31 Oct 2013

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