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Message started by MTGA on 06.09.2010 at 04:11:42

Title: Rooms 15305/6 and 15108
Post by MTGA on 06.09.2010 at 04:11:42
having great, great fun exploring this mansion. 
many thanks to Matt and Joe B. for all of their wonderful, creative work. 

Rooms 15305/6
  came down the rope in the far upper Left of 15306 and went to retrieve money in 15305.  when returning to 15306 Jack fell to his death.  seems like there may be a hole in the floor there?

Edit:  this seems to be the same problem reported by OTG (sorry, i misread the room number in that post)

Room 15108
  after pulling on the first lever to let the scorpions out, Jack went down to the bottom of the room to open the second lever and, being curious, jumped to the Left. 
  upon coming back into the room he was mercilessly killed by a stream of scorpions who had nowhere to go because the gate was closed again.

Title: Re: Rooms 15305/6 and 15108
Post by brell on 06.09.2010 at 05:19:42
Seems that Ghosthunter should have been tested a bit more.
As I said in another thread:  We must wait for Joe to make an update.

Title: Re: Rooms 15305/6 and 15108
Post by MTGA on 06.09.2010 at 06:38:46
there's a similar problem in Room 14512 to that in 15108 - if you get to the top level of that room and don't move fast enough to go down the pole and exit (or are slow in exiting) you get killed again and again and again and cannot finish.

... and a spot in Room 16504 (second step in upper Right corner) where you can jump through the wall (without being able to return) and go through to the adjoining room. it's not clear if this is intended, but thought i'd mention it just in case it's something that should be fixed.

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