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Message started by Anthony on 12.09.2010 at 09:56:18

Title: Midnight Mansion 2 v1.0.1 Released
Post by Anthony on 12.09.2010 at 09:56:18
Today, Vern released 1.0.1 of Midnight Mansion incase any of you haven't already seen from his blog. From the blog:

Midnight Mansion 2: The Haunted Hills, has been updated to version 1.0.1. This version fixes a number of bugs, and is a free upgrade to all registered users of Midnight Mansion 2. The update can be downloaded here:


Game fixes:

- Fixed a bug where the game would quit during startup, right after loading all sprites, with an error in “GameScreens.c” line number 887, if your hard drive was formatted in Case Sensative Journaled HFS+ format.
- Fixed various mistakes and typos in the documentation.
- Level designers can now have T triggers that reveal enemies which must be killed in order for H triggers to go off. Previously if you tried this, the H triggers did nothing.
- Fixed inconsistencies in font used to display “Mansion Complete” stats.
- Changed fonts used for text on various screens.
- Reduced download size.

Mansion fixes:

- Jasperlone Mountains Easy – Fixed the grey door in a elevator shaft on the castle side of the mansion which prevented you from continuing
- Jasperlone Mountains Hard – Added grey doors and zapper beams in a elevator shaft to prevent Jack-stucks
- Fixed secret count in Leofani Manor Easy and Normal. (Previously, you could only get 95% in Easy, and could get  over 100% in Normal.)
- Fixed secret counts in Mt. Peril Easy. (Previously you could get over 100%.)
- Leofani Manor Normal – fixed bug in room 16904, where jumping on a blue bat platform enough times would give you access to areas of the mansion you shouldn’t be able to reach yet.
- Fixed Jack’s starting location in Castle Basano Normal. Previously Jack could not get all the coins in the starting area.
- Fixed Jack’s starting location in all versions of Magma Peak.
- Citadel of Dr. Cassiopus: fixed areas where Jack could get permanently stuck in normal and hard versions.
- Fixed areas in Mt. Peril where you could get stuck if you jumped off a wodden platform “elevator” right after activating it with the lever.
- Mt. Peril – Fixed room 15708 (all difficulties) so Jack can’t get stuck in this room if he goes back in, after having already gotten everything and left.
- Mt. Peril – Fixed room 16300 (all difficulties) where Jack could get stuck by moving over the left gray door into the save point area while going up the platform from the room below.
- Updated versions of the Custom Mansions: The Caves and the Castle, and Trigger Island. These mansions have various fixes.
- Fixed “thhings” typo in a sign in the Tutorial Mansion.

Title: Re: Midnight Mansion 2 v1.0.1 Released
Post by Amplifyed on 12.09.2010 at 12:32:25
Yay! Thanks, guys. :D

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