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Message started by Leon on 29.10.2010 at 05:59:26

Title: Talk
Post by Leon on 29.10.2010 at 05:59:26

Have a comment about this level that you would wish to make? Or maybe an idea for this level or future levels? Then you can do that right here ;)


Title: Re: Talk
Post by Psychotronic on 08.11.2010 at 06:16:28
Finally downloaded this and finished it.  :)

I liked it. It's short, but it the whole level feels like one big puzzle. I like the mix of big environments and tough little single-room puzzles, and the extended action-y dodging challenge right near the end. I don't know if very many individual rooms stood out for me; it's more about the way the whole thing goes together. I liked the way the number code was hidden.

I almost gave up on this level before the end, though, because of a few frustrations. I feel like there are a few too many objects hidden behind other things. Ladders and passageways are okay, especially since this isn't supposed to be an official mansion or anything, but I really don't like it when keys and lanterns are invisible until I pick them up. I feel sort of cheated when I discover I suddenly have a key, because I didn't get to see it and pick it up myself.

The lanterns especially turn out to be so important, I was disappointed that I didn't get the chance to ever see some of them. There was no way for me to know how many lanterns I had collected before I went into the one-way area that required me to have all the lanterns. Yeah, I heard the sound effect, but that's kind of insubstantial.

I got stuck on the one blue-haired troll puzzle that needs the correct gold/silver setting to solve, but I'm not sure that's really a problem. Maybe the appropriate gold/silver lever could be easier to pick out on a map, so it's less frustrating looking around the level for it if you forget where it was.

The problem with room 15910, I think, is that it's a tough puzzle with no clearly defined goal. If there were a really obvious wall between the top of the room and the bottom of the room, with a really obvious gap where the moving platform is supposed to go, the puzzle would be better. You'd be telling the player: "Here's the goal, here's your tools, now how are you going to get that platform over there?" Right now, it's more like "Here's some stuff. Maybe if you fiddle with it, something will happen." Once I was fairly sure of what I was trying to do, I thought it was an awesome puzzle. I just don't think there's any point to making important elements of the puzzle invisible.

TI guess I would say the same thing about that one blue-haired troll puzzle with the conveyor belt and the ghoul head. The conveyor belt is important to the puzzle, and I don't see why it has to be invisible. It makes no sense that I pull a lever and now the floor moves. Just let it be a conveyor belt.

Anyway, I enjoyed the level overall. I'm just nitpicking specific design choices. The Zelda music was surprisingly appropriate for the mood. Maybe that's just because the Zelda music is so darn good, but it was originally made for caves and ironwork, so it fits the MM2 graphics.

Thanks for the fun!

Title: Re: Talk
Post by Leon on 08.11.2010 at 19:07:45
Thank you very much for your comments, if I have time, I may update the mansion again fixing the problems you have found :D

Thanks again

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