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Message started by koala on 11.11.2010 at 03:01:53

Title: Jasperlone Mts.normal
Post by koala on 11.11.2010 at 03:01:53
Hi, thank you for midnight mansion 2, of course i am liking very much. ALthough somewhat frustrated as i appear to be stuck, hmm.. Its room 14894, sorry i haven't got a screen shot( don't know how to do that). I have been in the rooms to the right and below and the only way out seems to be through room 14894 with the electronic zapper thing, that gives less than a second for me to try and jump through. Is that the only way? I am trying over and over and over, losing so many lives... ahh, please help.
Thank you. :-?

Title: Re: Jasperlone Mts.normal
Post by Semi-Native on 11.11.2010 at 04:05:26
Hi koala,

The zappers need to be turned off first, you missed something. Can you make your way back up?

To take a screen shot, hit SHIFT + COMMAND + 3
If you only want to take a partial screen shot, hit SHIFT + COMMAND + 4, then you'll be able to click and drag around what you want to include. The screen shot will appear on your Desktop named Picture 1, Picture 2, etc. You can rename them in the usual way.

Title: Re: Jasperlone Mts.normal
Post by koala on 11.11.2010 at 06:39:28
Ahh, thanks semi native. I can't go back. Will have to start all over! Just once i manadged to get through that zapper thing, had one life left and got killed before i could make it to the next save pillar. SInce then it has been impossible to re create! Thanks for your help and for telling me how to get a screen shot. :)

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