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Message started by Psychotronic on 04.12.2010 at 17:10:02

Title: Feedback
Post by Psychotronic on 04.12.2010 at 17:10:02
Very nice. I enjoyed this a lot. It's an easy mansion, but still solid and fun to explore. Attractive rooms, good structure. I like how you used the T triggers mostly to make money bags appear all over the place. It reminds me that Jack came there to loot, not just to overcome challenges.

I thought the level was a good length, with a pretty nice sense of progression. I only didn't like collecting handfuls of keys without knowing where the doors for those keys were. I guess a Midnight Mansion level only feels right to me when I'm collecting money for its own sake, but keys for a purpose. The different mansion sections are small enough here, though, that I didn't ever leave a location without all the necessary keys.

Overall, a very positive experience. Nice work.

Title: Re: Feedback
Post by SandyBean on 06.12.2010 at 04:08:24
Great Stuff !!!

My Jack and I really enjoyed Miner's Mansion, it was fun, but not too easy !!!  Lots of good loot to grab too!~

Excellent, keep up the fantastic work and Thanks ~

SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

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