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Message started by brell on 31.12.2010 at 21:11:58

Title: Happy new year!
Post by brell on 31.12.2010 at 21:11:58
May 2011 be a good year for you all  :)

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by Semi-Native on 31.12.2010 at 21:26:04
Happy New Year!


Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by rose on 31.12.2010 at 21:51:55
Happy new Year and a Good continuance!

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by SandyBean on 01.01.2011 at 01:58:05
Sending Happy New Year wishes from our Horse Rescue, and from me and 'my Jack'.

Attached photo has our oldest horse at the rescue, Brock an American Saddlebred at 34 yrs young !!!

All the best for 2011  [smiley=beer.gif] [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]

Take care,

SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]
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Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by aquaMat on 01.01.2011 at 23:30:13
Hello everybody:

I am wishing y'all a
from Berlin !

Unfortunately my new years eve festivities were a bit tainted (to put it mildly)... because yesterday afternoon - a few hours before I was due for my 'new years eve-dinner' at a friends' house, I walked into my studio (right next to my appartment) and saw a giant wet spot on the carpeted floor and water coming down heavyily from the ceiling, right in the middle of the room where the electric lamp is hanging from above.
(I had almost switched on the light, stopping a few inches before the switch - on impulse.... maybe the whole place would have exploded or something).

After so many days of snow and very low temperatures we experienced a sudden rise of about 9 or 10 degrees yesterday, so apparently there was rapidly melting snow that somehow managed to get from the ceiling/6th floor in between the walls....and finally coming out on my 5th floor.

Of all days of the year this had to happen yesterday.....  and of all rooms it had to happen in the one room that is crammed w/ hi-end studio equipment (incl. many  very valuable vintage pieces!!) and computers etc.

So..... I'd like to apologize already in advance... but now it seems I will have even less time in the next weeks (for mansion design & the forums), considering all the trouble that awaits me (incl. a hundred phone calls, angry letters to the landlords etc.).

Although the water has stopped sometime late last night (we assume it's because it started to get a bit colder again in the night) - I'm now living in the constant fear that it could continue/happen again any time ....!!    :-[    :o    :-?  :'(   :'(

Wish me luck.

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by Semi-Native on 02.01.2011 at 00:19:47
Oh no, aquaMat, that's horrible!!!!
What a lousy way to start a new year. But things have got to get better from this point.

Best of luck!

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by SandyBean on 02.01.2011 at 04:09:13
OH Dear !!!  Sounds like a real mess aquaMat !  I hope not too many of your things were  affected by water or electrical damage, very good you did not turn on the Light (you're Guardian Angel was watching over you !) [smiley=engel017.gif]

Hope things get repaired soon, and that all goes much better now for the Year !

Take care,

SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by sherryl199 on 02.01.2011 at 08:40:56
A Very Happy New Year from North Carolina, USA -

Title: Re: Happy new year!
Post by aquaMat on 03.01.2011 at 20:08:46
Thanks, everybody !!

At the moment the water has still stopped - but of course I am very afraid what will happen when it'll get warmer and the snow starts melting again....!!

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