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Message started by Spaz on 10.01.2011 at 03:58:37

Title: Dr Cass nor
Post by Spaz on 10.01.2011 at 03:58:37
I guess the ole gray matter just is not as swift as years gone by so I have to ask what I need to do to set up the steps? in room 16714. There must be a pattern but I just can not figure it out. Maybe just a couple of friendly hints would help this portly senior? :)

Title: Re: Dr Cass nor
Post by Semi-Native on 10.01.2011 at 06:40:05
Pull the levers to see what happens for each one. Then decide which ones you want to pull to get that key. Leave the room and re-enter to reset everything.

Good luck!

Title: Re: Dr Cass nor
Post by Spaz on 13.01.2011 at 04:54:13
Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the reply. Guess I just have to pay closer attention to what does what to whom.  ;)

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