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Message started by MTGA on 24.07.2011 at 23:29:47

Title: Fun Mansion!
Post by MTGA on 24.07.2011 at 23:29:47
having great fun exploring the Yellow Submarine -- a big  thanks to SandyBean for such a terrific mansion!

unfortunately, Jack's pretty stuck right now - he is in room 15100, hanging on to the vine for dear life and if he jumps right he lands on a short vine (room 15101) with nowhere to go except to jump again and fall to his death.  it seems impossible to jump up on to the platform to proceed.  any hints?

two other small things -- 

room 16091 seems like it should be dark until Jack retrieves the lamp, but Jack can see everything when he enters the room for the first time.

heading back from the save in 15698, as Jack enters room 15702 it seems impossible (although maybe Jack is not being smart enough??) to avoid being killed because the snakes move in so fast with not quite enough space to jump between them. 

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 25.07.2011 at 03:15:12

So good to hear someone is playing it, and Enjoying it !!!  Thanks so much MTGA  8-)

Watch the bird in 15100 for a hint on how to proceed.  You are correct, that going right to the next room is not an option !  ::)

Alas, 16091... despite numerous attempts, retries, and other manipulations, I was never able to get this room to stay dark.  During testing in the mansion builder, it is dark, but not during game play. (if anyone has help for this, please let me know !!!)

Yes, 15702 is a true test of Jack's prowess at avoiding those snakes.  It can be done, but one must have lightening quick fingers ! 

Hope that helps MTGA, and please don't hesitate if you have any questions or comments !! [smiley=wink.gif]


SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by Semi-Native on 25.07.2011 at 03:38:32
I'm having a lot of fun with it, too. I missed part of the sky section and have a lot more secrets to uncover. Very challenging, but very enjoyable.

Thanks, SandyBean!

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by MTGA on 27.07.2011 at 03:40:00
ooooh...... tricky.  i appreciate the hint.  finally got it and made it through all the way to the end. 

really enjoyed the mansion, all of the different sections were a good mix of straightforward and more challenging.  they kept me going for quite a while. 
thanks, again, for all your time and effort. 

one other small thing in ROOM 16302 - when coming down the vine from above, a small step to the left causes Jack to fall to his death. 

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 27.07.2011 at 11:20:24
Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you found all the lovely treasure to be had !

I apologize for the vine in 16302, the mansion's wonderful beta testers did find that, and I thought I had fixed it !!!  It is fixed now in case there will be an update  :)

BTW:  If any of you are finding your Jack is just having too hard of a time on things, there will be an easy version coming !


SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by iRock on 28.07.2011 at 09:37:03
I'm having a good time but I just can't get above the 3 vines in 15650. I was trying to jump up on the rock from the left vine but no luck. I don't know how many times I've restarted. This is a very fun mansion. It has some clever things I've never seen. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 28.07.2011 at 11:43:52
Hi iRock !

Really thrilled to hear you found some new twists, as MM2 is still so very young and with so many neat building options, I'm sure there will be many innovative things being designed and discovered.

I'm very sorry, but I couldn't find a room #15650, perhaps you were thinking of the one MTGA mentioned here in previous post?  :-?

Please let me know,


SandyBean [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by iRock on 28.07.2011 at 12:13:45
LOL this is too funny. I posted my score. I thought it sounded like he described. The numbers were so close I noted the score instead of the room. I'll try again.  :o   Thanks

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by iRock on 28.07.2011 at 12:24:31
I looked to the bird for the clue. I don't see one. I'm a sight.

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by iRock on 28.07.2011 at 12:59:12
I went back to the save and tried it again. There was the bird. It was what I had tried over and over but just couldn't advance. Finally I DID IT! Got to go back to play. See ya later.

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 02.08.2011 at 03:56:13
Great to hear iRock!  Glad you figured it out.  Yes, there are a few challenging spots in AYS, but we all have smart and athletic Jacks that catch on quick to new tricks !!


SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by JimRCGMO on 15.08.2011 at 10:18:36
Sandy, I've been enjoying playing AYS since I downloaded it (couple/three weeks ago - I am also trying to beta-test HD...), and find it definitely as this topic's title terms it(!). :)

I've found for those few who are further behind than myself on AYS, that when you get to room 15294, it helps if you have two shields already. That way, you can eliminate the floating heads before you come back to this room from the one above. Although I found it is possible (if Jack be nimble...) for Jack to jump over a floating head to get the green key in room 15294. ;)

Great mansion, Sandy!

Jim R.

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 16.08.2011 at 00:02:29
Hi Jim R  aka  'CapeJim' !!!

Thanks so much for the  positive feedback, I was beginning to feel like AYS was a flop ! [smiley=embarassed.gif]

Good idea for 15294 about saving shields, and another tip for those interested in being a bit devious....

Sneaky Hint Alert;  If you enter 15294 from the left bottom, you can trick one or even maybe two of those nasty floating Ghoulies to self Ignite !!!

Still working on an easy version with a couple of neat additions, and some real 'ching ching' treasures !!!  Our big Dog who had the knee surgery is healing well, but the problem is he needs to be held back from doing too much!  Kinda like a toddler who just learned how to crawl, walk and run all at once [smiley=cheesy.gif]

Thanks guys and take care,
SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by JimRCGMO on 02.09.2011 at 07:08:55
Hey, Sandy - AWS is (for me) just the right level of challenge; I'm now working my way through the upside down garden area (got to the - forgot to write it down - room with the multicolor key), and made it onto the bottom moving platform in that room, but Jack got killed off after that in one of the next rooms the platform goes to. So, back to it tonight - really enjoying it, Sandy. You made excellent use of MM2's capability for platforms to move between rooms, also. 8-)


Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 05.09.2011 at 02:03:02
Hi Jim !

Very Glad to hear that you are enjoying it ! [smiley=dankk2.gif]

It was a lot of fun building it, and a huge learning curve to figure out some of the new features of MM2 !   There are so many ways to use these creative ideas, so I'm sure there will be lots of folks discovering innovative and interesting spins on them !   :D

Let us know how Jack and you fare through the remaining areas  ;)


SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by mick on 06.09.2011 at 08:37:18
Sandy, this is a fine mansion. It's the first one I've really felt challenged beyond my abilities in a long time. eh, Am not saying I'm that great; saying this is a sneaky tricky mansion that has none of the reek of "gotcha" energy.

I miss it since upgrading to OS Lion; I hope it converts to the HD game when MM2 HD happens.

Thank you so much; this is a keeper.


Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by mick on 06.09.2011 at 08:38:18
..... make that *wonderful* sneaky tricky mansion.

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 09.09.2011 at 07:30:53
Hi Mick,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Compliment...it's great to hear AYS is challenging and I sure did have fun building it, plus my beta testers were fantastic at letting me know just how 'far' I could take my 'sneaky work' !!! 8-)

There will be an 'easy' version coming soon with a couple of twists and surprises, so I hope MM2 will work on OS lion for you soon so you can continue playing the new MM2 mansions that get created...I'm still in the 'dark ages' here, using a 10.4 Tiger  ;D

Thanks and take care,

SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by aw on 18.09.2011 at 22:42:34
can i have another hint for room 15100. i'm stuck on the vine just like in the screen shot above. i've tried everything i can think of...btw: i love the mansion! :)

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by SandyBean on 19.09.2011 at 02:56:21
Hi Aw  :)

Here's a hint (Spoiler Alert)......

It's a bit of a tricky Jump for Jack, he has to be at the top of the vine, jump up, AND out to the Right at the same time to get above the brick, plus he has to be really, really careful of the red vulture !

Hope that helps, glad you are enjoying it, let us know how Your Jack makes out  8-)

SandyBean  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by aw on 19.09.2011 at 23:15:11
oh dear. i have tried and failed over 100 times. i'm at the very top of the short vine to the left, i hold right and up keys, then jump. his little head pops up above the 2nd brick but then he bounces off the other bricks and falls (but catches) the bottom of the long vine on the right. am i doing something incredibly wrong?  :-/

Title: Re: Fun Mansion!
Post by Semi-Native on 19.09.2011 at 23:54:12
Try jumping up and left, but then with a very quick right. I think that's how I do it. It's a very tricky jump.

Good luck!

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