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Message started by mick on 04.12.2011 at 18:06:20

Title: And the room went dark(er)
Post by mick on 04.12.2011 at 18:06:20
Is this supposed to happen?

The room dims down abruptly and stays pretty dark compared to the other rooms.  It doesn't affect the play at all, but is unnerving if not deliberate.

Dragon_sTrapHard_JackIntheDark.jpg (132 KB | 749 )

Title: Re: And the room went dark(er)
Post by Toybox on 05.12.2011 at 22:30:51
This is a cool effect :o Or would be if it was intentional, indeed.

Does it happen every time you play? Has anyone observed it in a different mansion? Maybe this should be reported as a general bug.

Title: Re: And the room went dark(er)
Post by rose on 05.12.2011 at 22:56:21
I think I have played it in MM HD but I can try again. I have Snow Leopard by the way.

Title: Re: And the room went dark(er)
Post by mick on 06.12.2011 at 08:02:26
I was mostly wandering around in the mansions testing stuff out,; I'll report back the next time I get to that spot.  :)

I've not seen it in any other mansion.

OS 10.7.2 here.

Title: Re: And the room went dark(er)
Post by Rob Seegel on 06.12.2011 at 12:48:50
I tried playing it yesterday, and wasn't able to duplicate the problem. I wondered if I wasn't precisely repeating what you did.

Were you using a cheat code while it happened? I know that Vern has some code in place to degrade some of the graphics effects if frame rate goes down for a while. I'm unsure of the extent of this degradation, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be as extreme as this. It does generally fit in with what you're seeing since it doesn't happen immediately.

It could be related I suppose. It also looked like a few of the tiles were a little messed up in that image. We saw it in some of the original mansions as well when converting them for the new game.

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