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Message started by Rob Seegel on 02.05.2012 at 14:55:11

Title: Buried Levers
Post by Rob Seegel on 02.05.2012 at 14:55:11

Here's a report on the levers that are now "broken" in MM HD. The best advice I can give here would be to move the levers back up, and possibly change the graphics  to the levers to hide the base. You could do something similar with the green base by making the entire image transparent.

  It's a bit of a hassle, but probably an easier solution in the long run (hopefully).

Checking Perpetuum Mobile/
Scanning mansion room sprites...
17493 contains 1 buried lever
18494 contains 1 buried lever
18692 contains 1 buried lever
18693 contains 1 buried lever
18694 contains 1 buried lever
19091 contains 1 buried lever
19291 contains 1 buried lever
19294 contains 1 buried lever
19491 contains 1 buried lever
19689 contains 1 buried lever
19691 contains 2 buried levers
19890 contains 1 buried lever
19893 contains 1 buried lever
20093 contains 1 buried lever
20290 contains 1 buried lever
20291 contains 1 buried lever
20292 contains 1 buried lever
20489 contains 1 buried lever
21090 contains 1 buried lever
21092 contains 3 buried levers
21292 contains 1 buried lever
21294 contains 1 buried lever

Title: Re: Buried Levers
Post by Olle the Greatest on 02.05.2012 at 17:39:39
must be easier to make a change in the HD game to allow levers to be buried?

Title: Re: Buried Levers
Post by Rob Seegel on 02.05.2012 at 20:42:30
Maybe. I don't think the change was made specifically to address this issue. It was for some other reason - I think it had to do with levers being thrown mid-air, I'd have to go check the testing board. There was another reason it was done, and it seemed like the original problem was tricky to fix, since it took Vern a few different attempts.

In terms of simply moving the levers - that part isn't too difficult. I have another version of the script that generates the report that could move the levers up. Takes almost no time to run. As far as modifying the graphics, that is a little hassle, but it's not as though the graphic has to change completely, the existing one just has to be modified a bit, which isn't too bad. Once done, the modified graphics could simply be reused could simply be reused for each mansion where aquamat wants the effect.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask Vern about it. My guess is that if there is a way of accomplishing this without making a programming change he'd prefer that. Personally, I thought it always sort of looked a little broken, because it kind of looks like the lever comes from behind brick leading me to think that maybe there might be a secret pathway there that I couldn't find. Once I understood the effect was purely decorative, I knew not to look for it, but it's never particularly bothered me one way or the other.

A custom graphic for this would improve it, since it could be modified to be more natural looking. A slot could be added to make it appear to come out of the ground/brick rather than behind the brick that Jack's walking on.

Title: Re: Buried Levers
Post by aquaMat on 14.05.2012 at 01:22:21
@ Ollie the Greatest & anybody it may concern:

Just so you know - we were addressing this issue in the meantime.
Rob is generously spending his time on helping me, by supplying wonderful, new graphics for the buried levers and other things and he also helps in many more ways to make the long-overdue HD-conversion of my mansions come true.

These "buried levers" I am so fond of using are not only appearing in Perpetuum Mobilee but also in many others of my designs.

We have started work with THE BIRDCAGE, and even though there's still considerable work to be done, you all can look forward on getting a "new" HD-mansion to play in the not-too-distant future.

And after THE BIRDCAGE we will release one after the other, as our time allows,  until - one fine day - we will release Discotheque Of Doom as the last one....as it contains the most custom graphics of the lot.

Without Rob though, I'd probably never have managed to even start this huge project.....!
So a big thank-you must go out to him!

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