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Message started by josephine on 06.05.2015 at 17:37:10

Title: HD room #15494
Post by josephine on 06.05.2015 at 17:37:10
There is a post in another thread about how sometimes sprites can get "offset" when converting a mansion to HD. This may have happened here: there are a couple of money bags hidden behind the cracked bricks on the right (just to the left of where Jack is standing.) When Jack enters the room the bags fall out of the room, making it impossible to get them.

Not sure who would fix this, so just FYI.
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Title: Re: HD room #15494
Post by rose on 06.05.2015 at 19:14:09
You can't get them from the position Jack i standing. You ned to enter the room from another direction. fRom what I can see you have been near it earlier.

Title: Re: HD room #15494
Post by josephine on 07.05.2015 at 16:39:42
Hi rose- yeah that's what I figured since Jack can walk behind the cracked bricks. But when he enters the room from either direction, the money falls out of the room (instead of landing on the walkway they fall down past the walkway and out of the room.) I'll try to get a screen shot of that happening.

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