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Message started by Semi-Native on 13.03.2024 at 20:01:39

Title: Registration code for MM1 HD
Post by Semi-Native on 13.03.2024 at 20:01:39
This was posted on Facebook this morning, I assume it's from Vern:

"Anyone reading:
Sorry, I've been unable to support the game for years.  If you're reading this, here is a code for MM HD that will work if entered within the next month:
Registered To:
Free Code
Registration Code:
The online registration system ahs been very broken for a long time (old PHP scripts) so it's quite a challenge to process new codes or update old ones, but from time to time I could post a free code here if anyone is interest.
Please spread the word, and feel free to share this with anyone!"

I hope anyone that's been trying to get a code sees this.

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