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Purchasing Midnight Mansion

There are several ways to pay for Midnight Mansion. PLEASE NOTE: My automated ordering system is not working at the moment, which means I am processing all orders by hand. Since I have a full-time day job, this means it might take a few days before you receive your code, depending on how quickly I get to processing your order.

Option 1 - PayPal (Recommended)


Click one of the links below to pay by PayPal, and get your code instantly! You don't need a PayPal account -- PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

Midnight Mansion HD - Episode 1 - $7.99

Midnight Mansion HD - Episode 2 - $9.99

Midnight Mansion HD - Episodes 1 & 2 - $16.99 - BEST VALUE!

You can purchase one episode now and another one later, or buy both at once now for a lower bundle price. The same code works on both the Mac and Windows versions of the game.

Option 2 - eSellerate


Click the image above to pay using eSellerate if you can't use PayPal for some reason. Your registration code will be sent within 10 minutes of your payment. However, unlike PayPal, there is a small charge for refunds if you accidentally purchase more than one copy of the game.

Option 3 - Check / Money Order by Mail

You can also register by sending a check or money order through the mail. If you would like to do this, email and ask for more information.

Lost Your Code?

If you've lost your Midnight Mansion registration code, you don't need to buy a new one. Just use our Code Lookup feature