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Midnight Mansion HD (MM1) is now available at the Mac App Store and at the Actionsoft website. A Windows version is now available.

Here is a list of downloadable MM1 HD ready custom mansions, which also work in the Windows version of the game.

The MM2 custom mansion Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Freddy/SandyBean/Josephine was updated on 16 Feb 2014 to add a third section.

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broken ladders (Read 3609 times)
Treasure Hunter

Posts: 976
Gender: female
broken ladders
23.06.2014 at 00:48:47
There are several older games that have ladders that look broken and they also makes Jack fall and lose lifes. This is in MM 1 on Snow Leopard. Here is a screen shot from Jumps where I cant't pass the ladder and continue with the game. I wish I had made a note for the other mansions I had problems with.
Is there any mansion builderout ther who know how to mend the masnons broken ladders?
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IP Logged

Posts: 332
Gender: female
Re: broken ladders
Reply #1 - 23.06.2014 at 14:25:19
Hi rose- I remember a couple old mansions where that happens. The only way to pass is to go back up the ladder and re-enter so eventually Jack lands on the right spot. Also try lowering your monitor resolution (so the playing screen is bigger) and slowly creeping down the ladder.

In the past, changing the ladders would have meant having the designer fix it (or giving permission for someone else to do it.) Not sure at this point though, since a lot of designers have vanished and Vern isn't supporting MM anymore.
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YaBB Administrator

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Orlando, FL  USA
Gender: female
Re: broken ladders
Reply #2 - 23.06.2014 at 18:47:44
I know how to fix it, but unfortunately I no longer have a computer that will even run Snow Leopard, so I can't do it.

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